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Vacuum Cleaner Hose

A pioneer in the field, Tigers Polymer has developed many kinds of hoses

Vacuum Cleaner Hose EVA Hose Vacuum Hose

vacuum hose *Material: EVA *Good quality *Competitive price *Best service

american hose industrial rubber

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China best 6.5hp Self-propelled or Hand Push leaf vacuum,leaf vacuum cleaners,leaf vacuum machine

1):6.5hp leaf vacuum 2):Suck leaves, grass or similar materials 3):with a extendable hose 4):Self-propelled and hand push

stainless steel flexible hose fittings vacuum type

This product is vacuum pipe fittings made in japan

commercial cheap garden hose pool vacuum

garden hose pool vacuum 1. 30 Years' experience 2. Reliable material from HK 3. Advanced machine 4. factory price

Vacuum hoses nw metal vacuum hose and bellows

Vacuum hoses nw metal vacuum hose and bellows 1.Excellent flexibility 2.Resistance to corrosion 3.High temperature

AURON Stainless steel oasis Flexible vacuum Bellows/flexible stainless steel bellow hose/exhaust bellows

Stainless steel oasis Flexible vacuum Bellows Sylphon Bellows Diameter:40mm-130mm Wall thickness:0

Made in china silicone hose manufacturer silicone hose china silicone vacuum

Made in china silicone hose manufacturer silicone hose china silicone vacuum *Available for door to door *Free samples

industrial vacuum recovery machine

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ISO flanged vacuum with a high elastic flexible bellows large amount of compensation

1.High precision 2.To adapt to the corrosive fluids 3.High temperature high pressure 4.The deformation is large, long service

hose vacuum wound

1. OEM with colors and specifications 2. ISO & RoHS 3. Excellent flexibility 4. Hose manufacturing 30 years

30 Litre Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner-1200 watt Motor Commercial

1200 watt MOTOR, 30 litre, Industrial WET & DRY vacuum cleaner. 240 volt. Stainless steel tilting tub. 2.5m Hose, steel tools

Atrix Vacuums & Accessories HEPA Lead Dust Vacuums Cleaner

Atrix HCTV5HR Canister Vacuum Cleaner USA, 5 Gallon, HEPA Filter, 9' Clear Hose, 16" Flex Wand, Crevice Tools, Utility Nozzle.

Bissell Big Green Commercial 10 quart backpack vacuum

Advance Filtration 10-Quart Backpack Vacuum, 7 tools, hose, 2 piece wand, backrest. 10.5 lbs.

hydraulic hose industrial

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High Temperature Rubber Industrial Vacuum Hose

1. Sample is available 2. OEM is welcome 3. Just feel free to contact us if any questions.

1-1/4 inch pvc industrial vacuum hose from china

1-1/4 inch pvc industrial vacuum hose from china non-toxic,without odor Lightweight, Flexible Kink and crush resistant

Dongguan well fire-retard silicone industrial vacuum hose

1 China Flexible&durable silicone hose 2 Retard Fire 3 Approval:ROHS 4 resonable price&durable

Black ID 8mm 5/16" Industrial Vacuum Hose Tubing "Sold By Foot" High Performance

1)Silicone radiator hose kit 2)Vacuum Hose 3)Radiator Hose 4)Silicone Hose Kits 5)Custom OEM

spring stainless steel wire reinforced PU industrial vacuum hose

1. steel filament reinforced plastics pipe 2. negative pressure resistant 3. export worldwide