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Wholesales long shelf life satisfaction silicoen sealant

1, RTV-1, Acid Curing; 2, Transparent, non-discoloring, fast curing; 3, Excellent weatherproofing performance.

phenolic resins sealant fuel hose

fuel hose soften point 145-160 tackifier resin for adhesive

carglass sealant

one part structural neutral silicone sealant designed mainly for structural bonding applications,windshield etc

amber Good Washing Vacuum Impregnation Porosity Sealant for Under Diameter 2mm

1.Vacuum Impregnation Porosity Sealant 2.Two component 3.Specially suitable for impregnating casting parts with blind hole

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Weather Proofing Neutral Silicone for Curtain Wall

.One part,oxime type,neutral curing Excellent mildew proofing property, strong adhesion.Good performance of weather proofing,a

3g Super Glue chemical suppliers in uae

1)super glue with multi-function 2)top quality&service 3)competitive price 4)prompt delivery 5)OEM/ODM accepted

super glue 502 cyanoacrylate adhesive

1.Cyanoacrylate glue 2.OEM service 3.Free of sample 4.Factory direct 5.MSDS,SGS

WHITE GLUE in Furniture

WHITE GLUE CE1018HC Good bonding for wood ,paper,plywood,etc. Excellent bonding strengthGood cold and impact resistance.

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