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2013 fashion ecnomic joglo house/pre made houses/chinese prefab houses

1,Simple but generous appearance 2,longevity and recyclable 3,longevity and recyclable 4,seismic resistance and fireproof

SGS testing modern house design/ nprefabricated luxury house

1) prefabricated luxury house 2) Flexibility in design 3) Excellent in Earthquake, Wind and Weight Capacity 4) High Strength

houses pre fabricated

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CANAM- Pre built houses prefab kit homes,well designed pre made house

1. Low cost&high quality 2. Anti-corrosion, water&fire proof 3. Easy assembled and reassembled 4. Prompt delivery

Prefab designed building,pre assembled house,prefabricated fast/quick assembled house

1. Prefabricated fast/quick assembled house 2. Well pre-designed & engineered 3. Prefab designed building 4. Quick assembled

small houses pre

prefab house/labor camp/prefabricated house, made of steel frame and sandwich panels, saving, movable, one or two or three story