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tackifier reactive yellow lump Alkyl Phenolic Resin for adhesive

yellow lump soften point 100-130 Tackifier resin for adhesives

Almighty Acrylic Resin Emulsion

1Almighty Acrylic Resin Emulsion 2Suitable for creases or folds and whiskers 3Setting fast,three-dimensional feel,good effect

Acrylic Processing aid ACR resin ACR 401

1.Acrylic acid PVC Rrocessing Aid ACR 401 2.Used as PVC processing aid 3.Used for PVC Profile, Sheet, Window, Fitting

Melamine Pyrophosphate for FR purpose of novolac phenol resin

1.Decomposed temperature>300degree Celsius 2.Professional factory For flame retardant MPP 3.phosphorus content:14.5%

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pool chemical High Quality pool chemical TCCA Trichloroisocyanuric Acid pool chemical

1.pool chemical 2.Forms:granular,tablet,power 3.Cas No: 87-90-1 4.Formula: C3Cl3N3O3 5.ISO9001 approved

Wood based Powdered Activated Carbon by chemical activation

1. Activated by H3PO4; 2. High decolourization; 3. High quality due to utilizing foods grade materials.

Zinc stearate chemical additvites for PVC stabilizer and softener and polishing

1.fine powder ,greasy feel ,non-toxic, good smell 2.Calcium stearate/plastic additives 3.Used for PVC sheet,pipe,profile etc.

2013 HOT selling chemicals & top grade DOP 99.5% min for pvc

1.High purity 99min DOP 2.CAS No.:117-81-7 3.Good quality and price 4.professional manufacture

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