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Advanced Nutrients for Hydroponic - CarboLoad Powder & Liquid

1.Boosts yields during flowering phase 2.Supplies soluble reduced-carbon 3.Food source for beneficial bacteria and fungi

Seaweed extract organic fertilizer

Seaweed extract organic fertilizer 1.Seaweed extract series 2.100% water soluble 3.Used by spraying and irrigation

[Hot] Nutrient source in greenhouse trade and hydroponics Monopotassium Phosphat MKP

1,MKP Compound Fertilizer 2,Mono Potassium Phosphate MKP CAS7778-77-0 3,Foliage Spray 4,Factory Directory 5,Free Samples

Advanced Nutrients Hydroponic: Grow - Micro - Bloom

1.Faster vegetative growth 2.Nutrient healthy plants 3.Earlier aaowering 4.More productive aaowering 5.Value-added formula

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Hydroponic Watermelon Fertilizer

Hydroponic Watermelon Fertilizer: 1. rich nutrients; 2. prevent physiological diseases; 2. strengthen fruit coloring.

Vastland manufacturer hydroponic nutrient soluble npk 19-19-19

Vastland manufacturer hydroponic nutrient soluble npk 19-19-19 1.high content of N\P2O5\K 2.high solubility 3.high quality

hydroponic nutrients

hydroponic nutrients: 1.extract from fish scale 2.full of fish protein 3.improve the fruit quality

Liquid Fertilizer for Hydroponic

Fertilizer for hydroponic liquid nutrients solution improve growth and quality enhance root development for vegetable

Hot Products in Organic Fertilizer

100% Soluble Potassium Humate Crystal

1. Increase the cation exchange capability. 2. Magnify the ability of root to take up nutrients. 3. Buffer the soil PH.

Organic Seaweed Extract Fertilizer Kelp Powder

Organic Seaweed Extract Fertilizer Kelp Powder Alginic Acid 15%-17% Organic Matter 42%-45% Moisture 2% - 3% 5ton MOQ

Humic acid/Potassium humate/Fulvic acid Potassium Raw Material

Humic Acid 100% Water Soluble Fertilizer raw material With high content of organic matters

Advanced Nutrients for Hydroponic - Dry Rack - Quick CURE

1.decide exactly how much space you'd like to dry your harvest. 2.Once you done, your rack cleans and dries quickly

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