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hydroponic nutrients

1.High production 2.Save water,labor,fertilizer,pesticide 3.High quality and more safety 4. Environment-friendly

Hydroponics Fodder System

1- Hydroponics Fodder System 2- Fresh Food for Animals. 3- Large Production.

hydroponic nutrients led grow lighting

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Lumini Grow System hydroponic fertilizer nutrients

hydroponic fertilizer nutrients 1.Veg + Flower + UVB Full Spectrum 2.Programmable 3.5Watt LEDs 4 4 Channels dimming

2014 Green hydroponic fodder hydroponic fodder system hydroponic nutrients

hydroponic nutrients 1.make soybean,black bean, mung bean, 2.Day capacity:30-600kg 3.Power:220V

hydroponic nutrients led grow light 180W

180W led grow light 1.with timer and dimmable controller 2.You can control the lighting time 3.CE&ROHS 4.Lifespan:>50,000hrs