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wholesale prices apple fruit,yantai gala apple

wholesale prices apple fruit 1:our own land plant apple 2:our own plant for reprocessing,storage 3:High quality and low pr

Gala Apple Fruits Containing Potassium

1.Taste:crisp 2.Rich in vietamin 3.High quality and good for health

New season gala apple fruit from Shanxi

1.Frozen room and workshop 2.5 years export experience. 3.GAP Certification. 4.Apple planting base.

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2014 fresh citrus fruits navel orange

Fresh navel orange1. Good quality and competitive prices2. Juicy tastes and nice sizes3. supply from origin: Jiangxi

Fresh Sweet Young Coconut Fruit

Average gravity : 1000 to 1300 gram/per fruit

Original Delicious and Natural Unique junmai daiginjo sake at reasonable prices , OEM available fruit importers japan

1. Made in Japan. 2. Has a clean elegant nose3. Rich taste4. MOQ: 10 cartons 5. Fast delivery.

fresh fruit and vegetables importers CA-0300

fresh fruit and vegetables importers CA-03001.Low sale

Citrus fruits lemon

Fresh lemon Varitey: Eureka Size: 72, 88, 100, 113, 125, 138, 162pcsSuppy from our own origin and factories

Top quality China citrus fresh lemon

Fresh lemon Varitey: Eureka Size: 72, 88, 100, 113, 125, 138, 162pcsSuppy from our own origin and factories

name of imported fruits

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chinese granny smith name of imported fruits

1.our own cold storage . 2.our own production factory and orchard. 3.high quality and low price.

import fruits of red apple and green apple with delicious sweet much

import fruits own Factory and plant garden paper bagged fuji,qinguan,red star and green Best competitive price

import fruits apples

Details: 1.Product name:Fresh Fuji apple 2.We have our own factory. 3.Good coloration,clean skin. 4.Grade:A

import fruit apple, Huaniu

We have our own orchards,coolstore and packhouse. More than four years prefessional export experience.

dried fruit importer

1.Products name :Dried Pineapple of preserved fruit 2. Size :Slices 3. Produced from Natural fruit 4. Best Quality

russian citrus fruits importers

russian citrus fruits importers 1.Natural Grow 2.Origin: China 3.Color: Yellow,orange red 4.Taste: Sweet and sour

import fruit fresh

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Chinese apple fruit import apple fruit

Chinese apple fruit import apple fruit 1.Good shape and surface 2.Blush and strip color 3.Thin peel, crisp 4.ISO

super grade natural organic dried fruit importers

dried fruit goji berry 1.NO pigment 2.NO sulfer dioxide goji berry sample 4.prompt delivery for go

fresh apple fruit importer and exporter

Fresh apple fuji 1.Yantai shandong original 2.Sweet,juicy and crisp 3.Asia,Middle East,Europe,US

apple fruit fresh fruit importers

apple fruit fresh fruit importers 1.HACCP; ISO. 2.Since 1998.

Fresh fruit importers with delicious huniu apple orchard/top quality supplier(72/80/88/100/113/125/138/150/163/175/198)

huaniu apple 100-113-125 so good colour 1.Rich of vitamins, minerals, 2.Good shaped 3.taste sweet

2014 new crop importer fresh fruits

importer fresh fruits1.Own plantation 2.Strictly QC 3.Natural & Healthy 4.Phytosanitory/ISO/Origin

import fruit vegetable

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fruits importers,Chinese Red Fuji Apples

Chinese Red Fuji Apples 1.Blush&Striped,red 60% up; 2.Pollution free,Rich in Vitamin 3.Crisp&Sweet&Healthful

Dried raisin/5cm delicious fresh/ importers raisins /dried fruit

SIZE: 240-340pcs/100g SHAPE: WHOLE SO2 MAX: 1500PPM MOISTURE: 18-22%

dates fruit importers

Dried red dates 1.high quality 2. nutritious 3.20 planting bases in different latitudes in China 4. best service products

TTN bulk cheap wholesale organic import freeze dried fruit price

1.TTN bulk cheap wholesale organic import freeze dried fruit price 2.convenient, safety, delicious, healthy 3.BRC IFS HACCP ISO

fresh fruit importers,fruits and vegetables,golden delicious apple

fresh CHINESE red fuji apple 1.Crispy peel and sweet taste 2.High quality and competitive price 3.Strict inspection

import kiwi fruit

import kiwi fruitSO2:100PPM MAXH2O:18-22%PACKING:10KG/CARTON 1KG PER BAG