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Pure blended Essential Oil, aromatherapy oil, fragrance oil

blend essential oil for fragrance, items including Energy,breath easy,Luxury,Relaxing, Rest, Romantic,Sleeping,Stress relief

Jasmine Sambac absolute Oil

Jasmine Oil is extracted from the flower of jasmine. 1- INDIAN JASMINE SAMBAC, 2- ISO, KOSHER, HALAL, ORGANIC, GMP CERTIFIED.

Deepam Prayer Oil

Deepam Oil use of lamps and light in prayers Lighting Deepam gives positive vibration Mainly used in Hindus&Buddhism function

Fragrance Oil

Can be used in oil burners, lamp rings, incense, reed diffusers, potpourri and all home fragrancing.

song of india perfume oils

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Tested oudh oil/premium Assam oudg oil/Certified Agarwood oil

High quality oudh oil Cheap price with Top quality. 3-4 days lasting Pay Pal accepted immediate delivery

Natural Attars - Amber ATTAR OIL

Also Called: Amber perfumes, Amber attar, attar of Amber, Amber attar from india


Honeysuckle oil provides a sweet, calming fragrance that has many uses, such as an additive to perfume body oils, skin lotions,

deodorants perfumes oil

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Royal wild oud, Agarwood oil

1- This is 100% Pure wild oudh agarwood oil. 2-Oud Royal Iislam is holly perfumes. 3- Only for Royal family. 4- Free shipping

Certified Moringa Healthy Skin Oil

Largest Manufacturer & Exporter. We offering Healthcare Products with Best Quality. All our Products are ISO certified.

perfume oil for incense

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Tuberose absolute oils

1.Tuberose absolute oils. 2.Tuberose is a plant in the agave family Agavaceae. 3.It appears as a rosette of thin leaves up to

White Musk Oil

We have White Musk, Black Musk , Yallow musk, Kasturi oil perfume Etc.

Pure natural Amber oil

1) High quality. 2) Reasonable price. 3) Delivery on time. 4) Quality Assurance.


used in soap making ingredients, lotions, massage oils, diffusers, potpourri, scent, air fresheners, body fragrance, perfume