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from 4 trays to 20 trays for different types, adjustable 29 to 63 degree temperature with time

Made in Taiwan-Food Dehydrator

1.GS,UL,RoHS,LFGB,EMC,CE,SAA, FDA certificate. 2.NEC fuse and TI thermostat 3.Made in Taiwan.


Sedona Combo Raw Food Dehydrator with Silicone Drying Sheets. Free delivery worldwide.

infrared dehydrator food

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2015 hot selling high quality for food dehydrator /infrared food oven/food dehydrator from Ms.Athena Solon

infrared food oven used for fruits vegetables medicine, low noise high temperature resistance, stainless s

Industrial Fruit Dehydrator

Fruit Dehydrator 1)Stainless steel 2)Heat source:steam,electricity,far infrared,steam 3)Used in pharmacy

Most popular Round Food Dehydrator With Timer and Fan

1. round food dehydrator 2. with timer 3. with thermostat 4 dry-layers

tassajo fish dehydrator/dryer 0086-13703827539

steam heating 50 ~ 140 aa, 150 aa highest Electricity, far infrared temperature 50 ~ 350 aa vapor pressure 0.02 ~ 0.8mpa

industry medicinal materials fruit slice dehydrator (skype:wendyzf1 )

big output can dry all kinds of vegetable, fruit, meat etc. Steam, electricity, steam and far-infrared

green bean dehydrator

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2014 hot fruits and vegetables dehydrator

fruits and vegetables dehydrator 1.high hot air efficiency 2.low noisy 3.heat source be many choice. 4.automatic

professional fruit dehydrator on sale

professional fruit dehydrator on sale 1. electric heating 2. 50C-350C 3. hot air drying

Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator for lab use

Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator: 1.Stainless steel 2.PTFE sealing 3.Infrared temperature measurement 4.Time control

aloe dehydrated

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2014 most popular food dehydrator/vegetable drying oven/industrial fruit drying machine

industrial fruit drying machine 1.Noise elimination&thermal stable axial flow fan 2.Automatic temperature control 3.Efficient

2012 hot seller stainless steel fruit vegetable fish food dehydrator/ 008615639931305

food dehydrator 1.fruit vegetable food dehydrator 2.electrical/steam food dehydrator 3.stainless steel food dehydrator

Cabinet Dehydrator

Cabinet Dehydrator 1.heat source:steam electric far infrared 2.suit for pharmaceutical,chemical,food industry

Turbine Oil Dehydrator And Degasifier

Turbine Oil Dehydrator And Degasifier: 1.The functions of breaking emulsion. 2.Double-infrared liquid level sensor.

infrared cooker price automatic onion cutter food dehydrator manufacturers DA01

food dehydrator manufacturers 1) Power supply:110V-220V 2) Power :1000W /1000W Total 2000W 3) With pilot light 4)High quaty