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Biological insecticides Matrine for organic agriculture

1 Biological insecticides Matrine 2 Green and organic agriculture 3 No residue, low toxicity, full natural organic pesticide

Diazinon 60 EC, Diazinon 95% TC, pesticides/insecticides

Pesticides/insecticides Diazinon is Non-systemic insecticide used in agriculture to control soil and foliage insects and pests

admire insecticide

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Insecticide Permethrin 10% 25% 50%EC, 25% 50%WP, 92%TC

1. Insecticide Permethrin 2.Leading Permethrin supplier 3.Permethrin 10% 25% 50%EC, 25% 50%WP, 92%TC 4.Customerized Packing

Hot sale agrochemical insecticide permethrin

1.high-effective, broad-spectrum, low-toxic and light-stable; 2.strong contact and stomach poisoning activity.

Widely used pesticide/insecticide Permethrin 95%TC,50%WP,25%WP,10%EC. CAS NO.52645-53-1

1.reliable quality ; 2,competitive price 3,best service , 4,reply for enquiry within 24 hours 5,fast shipment