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Bifenthrin 97%TC,2.5%EC,10%EC

Bifenthrin Selling in more than 15 countries High quality on competitive price Bulk and retail packing


Permethrin CAS No: 52645-53-1 EINECS No: 258-067-9 Molecular formula: C21H19Cl2O3 Molecular weight: 390.2803

Insecticide permethrin 95% TC cas:52645-53-1

permethrin 95% TC cas:52645-53-1 Insecticide permethrin 95% TC cas:52645-53-1 Appearance :light yellow liquid Purity : 95%

insecticide power sprayer

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competitive insecticide permethrin 95%TC

competitive insecticide permethrin has high killing ability and rapid knock down function to insect by contact.

argchemical insecticide permethrin 10%EC

1.permethrin 10%EC 2.FAO quality or equivalent 3.good price time of delivery

competitive insecticide permethrin high quality

competitive insecticide permethrin Polyester baby mosquito net Max Factory