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deltamethrin insecticide

A potent insecticide, effective by contact and ingestion against a wide range of pests.

admire insecticide

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Hot sale agrochemical insecticide permethrin

1.high-effective, broad-spectrum, low-toxic and light-stable; 2.strong contact and stomach poisoning activity.

Insecticide Permethrin 10% 25% 50%EC, 25% 50%WP, 92%TC

1. Insecticide Permethrin 2.Leading Permethrin supplier 3.Permethrin 10% 25% 50%EC, 25% 50%WP, 92%TC 4.Customerized Packing

Permethrin 95% tc/powder insecticides permethrin/permethrin liquid

95% Permethrin tc, Quality Fast delivery. Customzied feature. Permethrin powder Good price by our factory large export volu

insecticide power sprayer

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Permethrin 25%WP (powder insecticide)

permethrin 25%WP, synthetic pyrethroid, control crawling insects. especially the public health insects

Insecticide, Tetramethrin, Permethrin

Insecticide, Tetramethrin,7696-12-0 is mainly used to prevent the fruit tree or plants from the pest.

Permethrin (insecticide) Suppliers

1) Biggest Permethrin Manufacturer 2) ISO9001,ISO14000 3) Reasonable Price and High Quality 4) Exporting to Global

Long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets LLINs/ITNs deltamethrin/permethrin

1.Insecticide treated mosquito nets:Deltamethrin/Permethrin 2.We can reach WHOPES's requirement 3.We are factory in China