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PVC adhesive

1. Adhesive. 2. It is special for hard pvc. 3. Also used to bond materials of abs, as, polystyrene, organic .glass, polycarbon

PVC Polyvinyl chloride Profile Doors Adhesive

We Offer Special Kind Of Adhesive for PVC Profile Doors.

polyurethane auto body joint adhesive

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65g 50mm*90m Self Adhesive Drywall Joint Tape, adhesive joint tape

65g Fiberglass self adhesive drywall joint tape 1. ISO9001:2008 2. Factory sell, low price 3. For gypsum, plaster joint

Soldering joints sealing adhesive

1, Soldering joints sealing, protect 2, metal bonding and sealing, UV adhesive 3, Solvent-free, fast cured, one component

paulownia wood panel finger jointed adhesives

paulownia finger joint panel 1. light 2. moistureproof 3. stand to tear and wear 4. keep insects away

C2TES2 Tile Adhesive acrylic joint adhesive polyurethane tile adhesive

1.high-toughness tile adhesive 2.strong cohesion force 3.protect the construction environment friendly 4.avoid cracking

finger joint adhesives

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High viscosity multi-purpose MS polymer sealant granite joint adhesive for special mutipurpose joint

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor 2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

Granite Joint Adhesive

Granite joint adhesive: 1.Fast hardening. 2.Can be treated in cold weather. 3.Non hand sticky after cured. 4.Good adhesion.

COJSIL-215 Neutral sanitaryware silicone adhesive,silicone joint adhesive for home decoration,single component adhesive sealant

1.One part,construction neutral silicone sealant 2.Fast curing, low odor application 3.Excellent resistance to weather,water,

Kafuter Transparent Flexible Epoxy Adhesive Granite Joint Adhesive Epoxy Granite Adhesive

epoxy granite adhesive cure, transparent, two-part 2.envoronment, muti-purpose 3.can bond ANY substrates 4.20g/pairs