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JOINFIX 301 PVC Repair Glue for Inflatable Products

1.Regular and medium and heavy duty 2.ASTM D-2564 standard 3.Transparent color 4.PVC pipe joints and fittings

High Quality Cheap 120g, 180g, 300g, 370g, 500g, 650g PVC Glue

High Quality Cheap 120g,180g,300g,370g,500g,650g PVC Glue 1.Appearance:clear 2.Drying time:5-25minutes 3.Shelf-life:18months

polyurethane auto body joint adhesive

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Soldering joints sealing adhesive

1, Soldering joints sealing, protect 2, metal bonding and sealing, UV adhesive 3, Solvent-free, fast cured, one component

Granite Joint Adhesive

Granite joint adhesive: 1.Fast hardening. 2.Can be treated in cold weather. 3.Non hand sticky after cured. 4.Good adhesion.

rubber repair and joint adhesive

joint adhesive 1.Cold Bond Adhesive 2.Sk811 flame-resistant adhesive 3.Double-ingredient adhesiv

PU joint compound adhesive for air filters

Injection filter end caps High flexibility Big tensile strength Capacity: 10 Tons per day Environmentally friendly products

finger joint adhesives

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joint sealant adhesive manufactured in shanghai china pu adhesives & sealants

joint sealant adhesive manufactured in shanghai china pu adhesives & sealants 1. Non-toxic and odor 2. Environment-friendly.

Linyi JY acrylic joint adhesive

acrylic joint adhesive facepaper:75gsm80gsm glossy paper bottom paper:80gsm85gsm yellow release paper hotmelt

10 Years Guarantee Non-Yellowing Silicone Based Glass Sealant Joint Adhesive

Glass Sealant Joint Adhesive *Variety of color *Certification: SGS; ROHS; ISO9001; ISO14001 *OEM available

Acrylic Joint Adhesive

Acrylic joint adhesive It suits for metal, plastic, ceramic, wood and so on. our production can made under your trade market