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Gorvia High Pressure PVC Cement pvc joint sealant

Gorvia High Pressure PVC Cement pvc joint sealant Fast drying, low viscosity Safe for drinking water after complete curing.

GE PENSIL 300 Firestop Joint Sealant

Low Modulus, 2 hours Fire-rated, Silicone Sealant

silicon joint sealant

silicone joint sealant single component, low modulus, acetic cure and high performance,is ideal for mutil- General purpos

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insulating glass structural silicone sealant joint sealant hot melt for silicone

double component silicone construction sealant for insulating glass hot melt for silicone

Cement concrete peripheral joints sealant

1.Super elastic recovery function 2.Good resistance to sands 3.High cementing performance 4.Elongation rate reach 560%

resistant silicon joint sealant

resistant silicon joint sealant 1.Special for roof, bathroom etc 2. EXW price 3. Water-proof 100% neutral silicone sealan

Polysulfide Building Joint Sealant

1. High strength and elasticity 2. Very low gas transmittance 3. Impermeability to most solvents, oils and plasticizers

two componen waterproof polysulfide sealant joint filler

1.Two component polysulphide sealant 2.Very competitive price 3.ISO9001 certificate 4.Used for waterproof in subway,tunnel

anti-fungus neutral silicone sealant/silicone sealant for joint

Excellent adhesive for most common building material Good compability neutral silicone sealants general use silicone sealant

adhesive joint sealant

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Acrylic paintable joint sealant

Acrylic paintable joint sealant 1) one part, 2) general purpose, 3)water based acrylic sealant use in Filling gaps in wall

Polyurethane joints sealant/ Airport Runway PU pavement Sealant/highway billboardsadheisve

1.Self-leveling 2.Elongation at break(%)>550 3.ISO90001 4.Excellent waterproof property 5.High way Airport running road

building sealant-adhesive joint sealant for insulating glass

building sealant 1.High strength and elasticity 2.Excellent adhesion to glass surfaces 3.perfect weatherpro

Eco-friendly automotive gap-filling joint sealant

Eco-friendly automotive gap-filling joint sealant -FDA approved -Odourless -Low VOC -High Adhesion -Fast Drying

PU Construction Joint Sealant, PU Sealant

Structal PU Sealant/Polyurethane Sealant/Construction PU Sealant/ One-Component PU Sealant/ Construction Sealant/

two component joint sealant for hollow glass

silicone sealant 1 two component 2 silicone building sealant for insulating glass 3 excellent weatherproof 4 ISO 9001

teflon joint sealant

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Polyurethane Construction Joint Sealant

1. High temperature resistant 2. Oil resistant; 3. Water-proof 4. Single component 5. Non-toxic to use

General type Joint sealant

Mainly use for Construction, transportation, precast concrete pieces for filling and sealing of the connection of building

acetic silicon joint sealant

all purpose acetic joint silicone sealant selected raw material fast excellent adhesion permanent effect 300ml/pc

750ml polyurethane joint sealant manufacturer

Spray PU Foam Sealant 1.Factory sell 2.Best quality 3.Best price 4.Environmental-friendly material

Pipe joint sealant

1. 100% virgin Pipe joint sealant 2. terrific performance 3. easy to use 4. convenient for stock

professional supply neoprene joint sealant

1.joint sealant 2.neoprene sealant 3.sealant 4.large stock

joint sealant types

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Excellent extension expansion joint sealant

Excellent extension expansion joint sealant 1.G.P silicone sealant 2.For indows and door sealing 3.For interior & outdoor

KINGWAY Highway Joint Sealant

It has such properties as automatically, good elasticity, good elongation especially at low temperatures.

Euxit Tg10 Joint Sealant, Joint Filler

Euxit tg10 is a two component preparation base which is a highly elastic fuel proof jointing filler

large plate glass joint sealant

1.RTV silicone sealant 2.good price and high quality use 4.OEM acceptable shippment

Kafuter black expanded ptfe joint sealants

expanded ptfe joint sealant 1.general purpose,good thixotropy 2.high-temp tolerance 3. replace any gasket 4.55g/card

Acetic Universal Silicone Joint Sealant OLV368

OLV368 Universal Silicone Joint Sealant 1.One component, fast curing; 2.No cracking or shrinking; 3. Free samples.