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Fashion Designed 19" Self Serve Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk

1, Self serve interactive kiosk with two stainless steel poles 2, 17" or 19" SAW touchscreen

Interactive kiosk freedstand street kiosk retail food kiosk YLB220

Brand Name: Alanbro, Althase Main Material: fiberglass reinforced Functions: Functional Specification: Subject to request

brand keyboards and monitors

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19'' Full HD Interactive Advertising Kiosk LCD Monitor

19'' Full HD Interactive Advertising Kiosk LCD Monitor 1.Cold Roll Steel 2.Smart touch 3.1 year warranty

High-end strong PTZ control keyboard with monitor for easy operate

1)Metal PTZ controller 2)LCD screen for easy operation 3)multi-protocol 4)Matel housing 5)free OEM for upgrade software

GSAN Pretty Special Design Low Price Touch Screen Computer Keyboard With Touch Screen

POS system for commercial purpose. 1.High grade POS terminal. 2.High performance/quality/reliability. 3.Easy to maintenance.