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Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with Nightlight GX-07

Repel the mosquito,flies,cockroach etc. Used in the room,bedroom,office etc. Automatic sweeping ultrasonic wave.

Hot selling bug zapper

1:CE RoHS 2:2years guarantee 3:with patent 4:more powerful 5:patent number ZL201030536993.7

Solar Bug Zapper (GH-327)

Solar Bug Zapper 1)Solar power 2) LED:1pc white and 2pcs purple 3) No chemicals 4) CE&RoHS

Africa market cheap insecticide spray, koock Down oil based mosquito spray, aerosol fly,bed bug killer spray

1 insecticide spray 2 biological tested; 3 Few irritation; 4 killing flying and crawling insect 5 OEM

Bed Bug Infestation /Treatment Spray

1.bed bug infestation spray,bed bugs treatment spray,bed bug spray 2.Eliminate mites, Antibacterial, Cool the mat, all in one

household mosquito killer spray bed bug spray

High Quanlity & Reasonable Price Mature OEM system service Good production technology research

kill bed bug spray

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kill bed bugs/alcohol based insect repellent / insect spray manufacturer

1.alcohol based 2.insect repellent manufacturer 3. high efficiency,kill bed bugs 5.good quality& price

Hacker does bed bug spray kill bed bugs

does bed bug spray kill bed bugs 1. High quality. 2. Compatible with mosquito mat refillsnie

How to Kill Bed Bugs

How to Kill Bed Bugs *Low-noise/clean air *Safety,no secondary pollution

Chinese Good Quality Have No Side Effect how to kill bed bugs

how to kill bed bugs 1.Rapid effect 2.Stable performance 3.Easy and safe operation 4.competitive price

kill bed bugs

1.kill bed bugs 2.No residual voltage 3.No electric shock 4.Pass CE(EMC&LVD).RoHS 5.Packing materail pass EURO test.

100% best natural herbal how to kill bed bugs

how to kill bed bugs 1.CE ISO GMP 2.Natural ingredients 3.Easy to use & carry 4.Any images and color

kill bed bugs trap

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Top electronic kill bed bug zapper with aluminium & ABS

Top electronic kill bed bug zapper with aluminium & ABS 1)220-240V 2) 365NM UVA attracting pest 3)2200V

insect killer for cockroaches/bed bugs killing

1.insecticides pesticides for cockroaches/bed bugs killing 2.all effective, repellent to ant, cockroach, bed bug etc 3.OEM

Mini Fogger Machine Kill Mosquitos Bed bug Bee

Mini Fogger Machine Kill Mosquitos is used indoor and outdoor for killing various insects effectively with CE.

Customized plug in how to kill bed bugs for your home

how to kill bed bugs 1. Easy to use 2. Portable, Safe & Humane . 3. Reduces number of pests. 4. CE, Rohs, FCC

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs-How To Kill Bed Bugs

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs 1.Power supply:AC 110V/220V 2.Frequency: N/A 3.30 square meter 4.ED pilot lamp

aerosol insecticide bed bugs

aerosol insecticide bed bugs Fast killing action for ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects.

pesticides kill bed bugs

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best cockroach killer bed bug repellent mosquito repellent spray bed bugs

Insecticide aerosol spray Against killing mosquito/fly/cockroach Water/alcohol/oil based Pleasant scent/no-harm OEM serv

Organic Flea, Tick, Bed Bug, Cockroach, Termite Killer, Pesticides Diatomaceous Earth,Diatomite Powder

Food grade diatomaceous earth Non-toxic Biological pesticides SiO2 purity min.85% Physically control crawling pest

GH-327 Energy-saving kill bug

1)Solar power:4V45MA Polysilicon 2)light up automatically 3)guarantee:1 year

5 Led Torch Rechargeable Electronic Bed Bug Killer

5 Led Torch Electronic Bed Bug Killer 1.Kills mosquito,flies 2.CE&Rohs 3.High quality 4.Suitable to Southest Asia

WF-8005 bed bug killer

WF-8005 bed bug killer 1.can kill mosuitoes, flies etc. 2.with high quality, quick delivery

LSMW0180 Agriculture 18W solar bug zapper

LSMW0180 Farm 18W solar bug zapper Eco-friendly method for killing insect ,protect our food from pesticide