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Air Blast Electronics Lab Auto Desiccant Unit, vacuum drying oven

Lab Vacuum drying Oven 1. Stainless steel inner chamber 2. two layer glass window 3. digital display

Lab Vacuum Drying Oven - DZF 6050 (RT till 250 degree C)

1Compact vacuum drying oven for lab application 2Reach 133Pa of vacuum rapidly 3Temp. range from RT to +250 C 4English panel

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Industrial laboratory Drying Equipment

-Industrial laboratory Drying Equipment -Strong durability -Internal heatcirculation -Precisecontrol -CE,SGS,CSA,ISO

Best quality lab freeze drying equipment

1. Lab freeze drying equipment 2. Imported compressor 3. High capability water capture 4. Low noise 5. Manufacturer

High temperature endurance precision oven laboratory drying equipment

Laboratory drying equipment 1 Good after-sale service 2 Professional factory 3 Customization available