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internal lacquer epoxy resin

internal lacquer epoxy resin, used for aluminum tube of cosmetics, pharmaceutic and hair dye etc.

bisphenol casting epoxy resin

We are specialty on epoxy resin medium voltage and high voltage components,

Hardener For Epoxy Resin (Polyaminoamide Resin)

Hardener For Epoxy Resin (Polyaminoamide Resin) General adhesive, Civil engineering and construction, Toughness.

rigid laminate - epoxy resin

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Epoxy Resin CYD-128

1.liquid epoxy resin. 2.It is colorless with low toxicity 3.It is mainly used in Electric appliance, H-grade insulating paint

Epoxy Resin(for printed circuit board/laminate/electronic component sealant,/carbon fiber lamination)

Epoxy Resin 1.CYD-128 LE-828 2.DOW 331 DER324 3.E-44 CYD-115 CYD-115CA 4.YD-128 828

epoxy resin for fiberglass laminating

epoxy resin for fiberglass laminating Free sample Water treatment ISO, SGS certificate.

Laminate Resin For Marble

Laminate Resin For Marble 1.High quality 2.Reasonable price 3.Delivery on time 4.Quality Assurance

Ion Exchange Resin for Gold Mine

Application: For food industry, drinking water industry or other industries Material: polystyrene/acrylic acid Payment:T/T,L/C

laminating epoxy resin for boat

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Hot sell LD-168 A B component transparent epoxy resin glass laminating glue for glass products stick bonding sealing

LD-168 A B double component resin epoxy glue 1) High quality product 2) Certification: ISO 9100


Epoxy hardener T31 used to make laminates, fixtures, castings and moulds.

transparent two component epoxy crystal glue for circuit board electronic parts and components laminating adhesive

1. Transparent Crytsal Epoxy AB Glue for Gift 2. A resin.B hardener 3.resin+hardener 4.Free samples 5.Short delive

epoxy resin sheet

1. Non-Toxic and smell 2. Low coefficient of friction 3. Corrosion resistant 4. Abrasion and impact resista

laminating epoxy resin supplier

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Machine for producing epoxy resin glue

1.Machinefor epoxy resin glue 2.Production line 3.Technology supply 4.Original manufacturer 5.ISO9001,CE

Mould Epoxy Hardener R-2219

Mould Epoxy Hardener R-2219 1.Durable,low odor,low heat 2.mainly used for Road reapair,moulding lamination 3.cable connector

Two components Epoxy adhesive for construction materials/marble/tile/laminated door adhesive

1. Mix rate: 100:100 2. Use in -50--150 degree 3. Curing time: 25mins 4. MSDS and ISO9001 5. Potting protection

Epoxy For Laminated Board Resin Epoxy

Resin Epoxy 1.Light Yellow Transparent Liquid 2.High Qulity, Competitive Price 3.Used In Glass & Coatings 4.Flame-retardant

Epoxy Resin used for laminates

1)Manufactured by Sinopec Baling Branch . 2)It is light yellow flake. 3)It is used in Epoxy MoldingCompound. 4)CAS:29690-82-2

HM-120 structual steel laminate bonded glue, modified epoxy resin

1. Two-component modified epoxy resin 2. Good acid-alkali and aging resistance 3. Used in all building 4. superior adhesion