lamination film material water based

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22 micron Silver or Gold Metalized Thermal Laminating Film PET Material

PET Gold Metalized Thermal Lamination Film *Printing, Strong Aluminum *Printing Performance is Available *SGS& BV certificate

PET Laminated Film packaging material

1 material: PET film 2 Width and length as customer request 3 Original: China 4 Usage: blanket/packaging/print.

custom printing food grade material film roll potato chip bag material / lamination packaging film material

potato chip bag material : 1) food grade material. 2) high printing quality. 3) more than 10 years ex

Manganese stearate as biodegradable laminated film materials

1.White fine powder 2.Used in PE transparent film as biodegradable plastic additive 3.D2W product is made of Mn stearate

PET thermal lamination film printing material,silver

1.printing material 2.Glossy: the brightest in the world 3.Both sides with corona treated 4.Good bonding 5.Supply in roll