yellow leather adhesive

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sumelon leather adhesive for shoe making

1.Non-yellowing 2. excellent initial bonding strength 3. good coating performance 4.for leather, fabric and porous materials

Footwear and Leather Adhesives

Footwear and Leather Adhesivesadhesive,chloroprene adhesive, Polyurethane adhesive, chloroprene adhesive, CR adhesive, Hardener

HOT Selling!!! CARPOLY High Performance General Purpose Leather Adhesive

leather adhesive1.good heat resistance 2.strong viscosity 3.multi-purpose 4.environmentally friendly 5.benzene-free

Maydos Odorless SBS Leather Spray Adhesive

Maydos Odorless SBS Textile Spray Adhesive Best bonding effect Low VOC long viscosity-keeping time ISO9001&ISO14001

Neoprene thick leather spray adhesive

SBS thick leather adhesive high solid content, strong adhesion, heat resistant, anti aging, oil resistance, glue saving

Leather coating water base leather adhesive

Leather coating water base leather adhesive Excellent applicability for brush and spray

plastic leather adhesives

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double-sided tape JLW-323 excellent adhesion for varieties of surface,good for auto,foam,textile,non-woven,and leather adhesion

Bi-directional filament,double-side tape,excellent adhesion for varieties of surface,etc auto,foam,textile,non-woven,and leather

Leather Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

1. 100%CA 2. Bonding fast and tough 3. Effective on bonding porous 4. Non-porous material

Liquid glue ,Leather cyanoacrylate adhesive

1. High quality super glue 2. Competitive prices 3.Professional services 4. Approved adhesive 5. OEM offered

eva leathers adhesive

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Maydos Low VOC SBS leather Spray Adhesive

Maydos neoprene contact cement(adhesive) is a multi-purpose contact adhesive with strong bonding ability, it is made with up-to-

Jorle Leather Adhesive Tape Fur Adhesive Tape Leather Adhesive

leather adhesive imported raw materials and ingredients.

2012 Thick -leather Spray Adhesive 148K for thick leather

1. Super bonding strength 2. Fast-drying,surface dry in 1-5 min 3. designed for thick leather 4. good heat-resistance