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adhesive leather sheets

16years! High quality, good service for all customers , Welcome ordering and visiting HONGDING factory !

leather adhesive mender

Special f Leather Adhesive is designed foryour favorite things,perfect for leather seat cushions,shoes,handbags,brief-case,etc

vacuum pvc repair glue kneader

1)vacuum pvc repair glue kneader 2)stainless steel 3)wooden package 4)mixing,kneading,dispersing 5)CE

eva leathers adhesive

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China pu foam leather spray adhesive

China pu foam leather spray adhesive 1) German Quality 2) Stronger After Cure 3) No Crack and Shrinkage

Maydos Odorless SBS Leather Spray Adhesive

Maydos Odorless SBS Textile Spray Adhesive Best bonding effect Low VOC long viscosity-keeping time ISO9001&ISO14001

leather adhesive

Perfect for leather seat cushions,shoes,handbags,brief-cases,tables and other items made of leather