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no toxic yellow color wood glue

no toxic and harmfully fumes. waterproof based. yellow color and easy use.

Glue/Yellow glue/Wood glue

It has good features such as easy application, rapid drying speed, strong viscosity etc.

stock aliphatic waterproof spray glue benzene,no toluene,no xylene 2. use with spray adhesive machine 3.long open time 4. operate in room temperature

leather glue for cars

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Leather Glue

Leather Glue 1.Easy to coating and solidily faster 2.Strong initial adhesion 3.Solid and durable

PVC leather glue for synthetic leather

1.Non-yellowing 2. excellent initial bonding strength 3. good coating performance 4.for leather, fabric and porous materials

Leather glue for shoes, glue for synthetic leather, OEM Service

Leather glue for shoes, glue for synthetic leather: Ingredients pre-registered at REACH. Private label packaging! MOQ 2500.

1PK Leather glue for repair pen

super glue 2)top quality 3)competitive price and prompt delivery 4)professional the service 5)Certification:MSDS,SGS,,SONCAP

leather head polish glue

1.good transparency 2.water clear 3.high hardeness 4.polish glue

leather glue for shoes

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Leather Glue

Leather Glue High initial adhesion Strong bonding strength, easy for operation Water and heat resistance ISO9001,ISO14001

Thick Leather Spray Glue

1.Super adhesion strength 2.Cost-effective/ Easy apply 3.Good heat resistance 4.Aging resistance/ Pleasant smell

leather sofa spray glue

glue for leather used in high quality sofa and the fixed chairs the high solids ,oil resistant,heat resistant ,economica

high quality leather shoe glue with good price

leather shoe glue 1. single component of volatile dry type adhesive 2.perfect performance waterproof 3.water and oil-resis

SBS thin leather glue

SBS thin leather glue heat resistant, anti weathering, good adhesion, good spray capacity, environment friendly

shoe leather glue

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Packaging leather hot melt glue YD-3368D

1.PSA 2.ISO,RoHS,REACH 3.Manufacturer 4.Packing, Carton/Case/Kraft bag sealing and Handbag making 5.leather glue

leather spray adhesive glue

leather spray adhesive glue 1.semi-transparent 2.strong adhesive force 3.for sew,cloth,paper,plastics,metallicfoil,sponge

502 High Quality Leather Cover Glue

Strong Adhesive Force Leather Cover Glue Strong Bonding Strength super gllue Fast Drying Easy Operation