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SBS spray glue

SBS spray glue Exceptional bond strength and long lasting time Waterproof, oil resistant Excellent heat and weather resistant

spray glue

1.SGS approved 2.Good raw material,sofa use 4.warranty:1year

Spray Glue

Adhesive Spray Permanent or Temporary Bond Strong For differrent Industries Versatile Water-Resistant ISO9001:2000

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super strong glue for rubber leather cyanoacrylate adhesive

1 Used for sticking various materials2 Large packing super glue3 Can made under your trade mark4 Good quality super glue

12 PCS Super Glue in Aluminum Tube

Strong Adhesive Force super glueStrong Bonding Strength super gllueInodorous & Innocuous Fast Drying Easy Operation

Clear Epoxy Resin AB Glue for Drawing Pictures on Sliding Door Glass

1.Clear,mix ratio of 1:12.High adhesive strenght3.Can mix with pigments to draw on glass with different pictures ad pattern

epoxy resin, sticking carbon fiber board glue

1. Using modified epoxy resin2. Strong bonding force3. Suitable for almost all building substrates4. Small contraction

Perfect Spine Glue Edge Banding Glue For Furniture

edge banding glue for furniture1.non-toxic2.good flow performance3.specially for furniture banding

single component heat conductive glue for solar components

single component heat conductive glue for solar components(1)one part white silicone(2)pass SGS and UL94V-0(3)310ml/pc

leather glue for cars

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KONISHI Silica gel Applicator Rhinestones leather Glue DIY Design New non-hotfix flatback ( 20 ml ) ( Glue - Japan )

Origin: Japan - Ingredients : Silica - Contect : 20 ml - Brand New : Konishi Adhesive Glue

Leather glue for shoes, glue for synthetic leather, OEM Service

Leather glue for shoes, glue for synthetic leather: Ingredients pre-registered at REACH. Private label packaging! MOQ 2500.

4KG high quality artificial leather glue

1.4KG high quality artificial leather glue 2.Industrial use and making PU leather 3.very cement glue 4.good price for sale

616 type special high temperature leather glue

waterproof fabric adhesive 1.High temperature resistent. 2.For adhesion between fabric and sponge 3.Can be sprayed, low visco

leather glue 730K# for car interio

environment-friendly nonpoisonous, powerful glue, heat-resistant, aging-resistant, ecnomical glue.

guangzhou suppliers artificial leather glue

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor 2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

leather glue for shoes

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artificial leather glue for synthetic leather

1.Non-yellowing 2. excellent initial bonding strength 3. good coating performance 4.for leather, fabric and porous materials

High Peel Strength Water-based Vinyl Acetate Monomer Polymer Durable White Leather Glue

1 Leather, shoes, textiles, paper products, handicrafts. 2 Construction and other industries. 3 Paper color box glue.

1PK Leather glue for repair pen

super glue 2)top quality 3)competitive price and prompt delivery 4)professional the service 5)Certification:MSDS,SGS,,SONCAP

DM 77 leather glue adhesives

DM 77 leather glue adhesives 1.SGS tested 2.white adhesive 3.13 years' factory 4.quality promised

Thick Leather Spray Glue

1.Super adhesion strength 2.Cost-effective/ Easy apply 3.Good heat resistance 4.Aging resistance/ Pleasant smell

Leather Glue/Special Glue(aluminium foil backed card) 10Pcs/Card

1.High quality Leather Glue/Special Gluewith sgs 2.Competitive prices 3.Professional services 4.Approved adhesive 5.

shoe leather glue

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leather glue powder for match head purpose

leather glue powder for match head purpose 1.Jelly strength:300~450bloom 2.Viscosity:9-11E/110-180mps 3.Foam:22~

professional leather glue adhesives machine/reactor

leather glue adhesives 2.vacuum/ high pressure 3.stainless steel 4.agitating sets 5.CE

YD-314B leather shoe glue

1.APAO, Petroleum resin and additive 2.ISO,SGS,CTI 3.Sports Shoe Tongue 4.Manufacturer 5.Footwear Hot Melt Adhesives

leather shoes adhesive/leather shoes glue

leather shoes adhesive/leather shoes glue 1.have approved SGS 2.Non-toxic tasteless 3.Free of samples

Leather gelatin glue

leather gelatin glue Viscosity: 40-50 Mpa.s Jelly strength:40 - 500Bloomg

leather spray glue

16years! High quality, good service for all customers , Welcome ordering and visiting HONGDING factory !