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Type II Woodworking Glues

Type II Woodworking Glues 1.Ultimate Wood Glue 2.Wter cleanup and resistance. 3.Superior bond strength. 4.long open time

Hot sell high quality Hemming glue for automobile

High quality Hemming glue 1.Storage stability 2.High bonding strength 3.Good insulation performance

High Quality CPVC glue, UPVC glue

High Quality CPVC glue, UPVC glue 1) Hot sell in South America 2) SGS, MSDS certification. 3) For plastic,wood, leather.

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Super glue for plastic,leather ,electronics parts ,plastic toys etc.20 kg/plastic container.

502 Super glue in bond adhesion agent2. Factory Offer Directly3.Passed ISO9001(2000),ISO14001(2004)

Waterproof Construction Adhesive Glue For Glass/Bonding Aluminum

Top Quality Waterproof Construction Adhesive Glue For Glass/Bonding Aluminum1. Easy to apply.2. For construction material

long performance anaerobics glue for pipeline thread seal

1.anaerobics glue for pipeline thread seal2.Permanent locking threaded fasteners3.Anaerobic adhesive4.Free samples5.OEM

The best glue for bonding conveyor belt

conveyor belt bonding glue: Double-ingredient adhesivefor conveyor belt jointing and splicingEfficient and safe operating

light smell polyurethane high quality MDI base glue for scrap foam

1.light smell polyurethane high quality MDI base glue for scrap foam2.easy operation3.labor saving and harmless for operat

Low Price epoxy resin injection anchor glue/adhesive

Styrene free, safe and non-toxicHigh strength, strong adhesionAging resistance, acid-alkali resistancGood thixotropy

leather glue for cars

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Leather Glue

Leather Glue 1.Easy to coating and solidily faster 2.Strong initial adhesion 3.Solid and durable

Leather Glue

Leather Glue High initial adhesion Strong bonding strength, easy for operation Water and heat resistance ISO9001,ISO14001

leather glue

1. Synthetic Resin Based Adhesive 2.Useful in Wood Working 3. In Hadicraft Industries 4.For DomesticHousehold Applications.

leather glue

leather glue 1.metal,plastic,paper 2.fabric,leather,wood.

616 type special high temperature leather glue

waterproof fabric adhesive 1.High temperature resistent. 2.For adhesion between fabric and sponge 3.Can be sprayed, low visco

guangzhou suppliers artificial leather glue

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

leather glue for shoes

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Leather Glue, Repair Kit for Synthetic Leather, OEM Service

Best shoe glue for shoes and synthetic leather products. Ingredients pre-registered at REACH. Private label packaging service!

leather glue

16years! High quality, good service for all customers , Welcome ordering and visiting HONGDING factory !

leather glue

Maydos leather glue can bond all knds of materiels such as sofa, wood, leather, sponge etc.

4KG high quality artificial leather glue

1.4KG high quality artificial leather glue2.Industrial use and making PU leather3.very cement glue4.good price for sale

leather glue (water based)

Gukangli leather glue is healthy,evironmental friendly,none toxic,energy saving,durable bonding,fireproof,heat & aging resistant

1PK Leather glue for repair pen

super glue 2)top quality 3)competitive price and prompt delivery 4)professional the service 5)Certification:MSDS,SGS,,SONCAP

shoe leather glue

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leather glue used for covering paper or bookbinding

animal gelatin: yellow,flake or powder;40 - 200 MP ;Gel strength - 275~360 GM ;used as binder glue for paper industry.

KONISHI Silica gel Applicator Rhinestones leather Glue DIY Design New non-hotfix flatback ( 20 ml ) ( Glue - Japan )

Origin: Japan - Ingredients : Silica - Contect : 20 ml - Brand New : Konishi Adhesive Glue

300ml Gorvia Item-N302V best leather glue

best leather glue 1.Neutral cure silicone 2.Weather resistance 3.Middle range 4.10 months shelf life

Leather Glue

1. It is easy to use. 2. Fast cure with weatherproof ability and resistant to water. 3. Be available with Neoprene & SBS type

High Peel Strength Water-based Vinyl Acetate Monomer Polymer Durable White Leather Glue

1 Leather, shoes, textiles, paper products, handicrafts. 2 Construction and other industries. 3 Paper color box glue.

DM 77 leather glue adhesives

DM 77 leather glue adhesives 1.SGS tested 2.white adhesive 3.13 years' factory 4.quality promised