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Transparent AB crystal glue

Transparent AB crystal glue manufactory price high quality replace tempered glass make PET ,PVC album,menu,engraving

Transparent clear Marble glue

It is composed of polyester resin, peroxide and filling. It is applicable even in low temperature circumstance with var

leather glue for cars

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PVC leather glue for synthetic leather

1.Non-yellowing 2. excellent initial bonding strength 3. good coating performance 4.for leather, fabric and porous materials

502 leather super glue

1) manufacturer for good super glue 2) used:plastic,car rubber,wood,metal,glass,porcelain,leather,toy,lamp house and etc

leather lamination glue

Double-side tap:perfect adhesion, washing resistance, double side bonding

Leather Glue

Gelatin a. 80Bloom-260Bloom are available b. Good Quality, Reasonable Price. c. Professional Manufacturer d.Free Sample

leather glue for shoes

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LongHuBao Transparent Leather Glue

Strong Adhesive Force Leather Glue Strong Bonding Strength super gllue Fast Drying Easy Operation

leather glue used for covering paper or bookbinding

animal gelatin: yellow,flake or powder;40 - 200 MP ;Gel strength - 275~360 GM ;used as binder glue for paper industry.

Leather Glue

Leather Glue High initial adhesion Strong bonding strength, easy for operation Water and heat resistance ISO9001,ISO14001

Windshield polyurethane adhesive Ms sealant leather shoe glue

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor 2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

shoe leather glue

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standard high-frequency leather lamination glue

standard high-frequency leather lamination glue High adhesive force Excellent quality Pass OEKO-TEX Standard100,ISO9001

high quality leather shoe glue with good price

leather shoe glue 1. single component of volatile dry type adhesive 2.perfect performance waterproof 3.water and oil-resis

Thick Leather Spray Glue

1.Super adhesion strength 2.Cost-effective/ Easy apply 3.Good heat resistance 4.Aging resistance/ Pleasant smell

Leather Glue/Special Glue(aluminium foil backed card) 10Pcs/Card

1.High quality Leather Glue/Special Gluewith sgs 2.Competitive prices 3.Professional services 4.Approved adhesive 5.