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humic acid (Fulvic acid)

Humic acid shows a strong dissolving ability and mobility by playing a positive role in some soil leaching and deposition.

Sodium Humate Flakes,95%min water soluble humic acid organic fertilizer

Humic acid(Dry basis):50%min soluble:95%min moisture: 12%~15% PH:7~10

Huminrich Shenyang Humate 65HA+8K2O organic soil conditioner

Shenyang organic soil conditioner Black Shiny granule 2-4 mesh HAS:65-70% K2O:8-10% 3weeks delivery

Humic Acid 50% 65% 70%/humic fertilizer/leonardite/natural lignite

Humic Acid 50% 65% 70%/humic fertilizer/leonardite/natural lignite 1.humic acid:50%min 2.sample is ok 3.L/C T/T... 4.20kg or



humic acid granules leonardite

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Leonardite Humate Fertilizers

Leonardite Humate Fertilizers

Leonardite/Lignite Type Humic Acid

This product is a powder or granular form of Lignite Humic Acid environmentally used as basic component for manufacturers.

high quality leonardite humic acid fertilizer

high quality leonardite humic acid fertilizer 1.Humic acid:40-60% 2.Black granular/powder 3.Moisture:22% matter:50

Leonardite Humic Acid

Humic Acid Content (dry basis): 40%min, 50%min, 65%min, 70%min

100% Potassium Humate from leonardite

top type of potassium humate, highest total acid, 100% water soluble

leonardite fulvic acid

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Leonardite Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer

1) 100% soluble organic fertilizer 2) humic acid 65% 3) fulvic acid 15% 4) K2O 10% 5) contains trace elements.

water soluble Leonardite Potassium Humate

Competitive & reliable price Excellent customer service Outstanding delivery reliability Constant high ChoiceChem quality

Soluble super potassium humate from leonardite

1. Increase the cation exchange capability. 2. Magnify the ability of root to take up nutrients. 3. Buffer the soil PH.

Liquid State liquid fertilizer leonardite humic acid

leonardite humic acid High organic matter content Easy absorb by plants Increase yield and crop quality

humic acid powder leonardite

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Leonardite Soluble Fulvic Acid(Fertilizer application ,agricultural application)

Fulvic Acid for fertilizer 1.Improve seed germination 2.Replenish depleted soil 3.Enhance nutrient uptake 4.Increase yield

Water soluble natural leonardite agricultural product

1)Super Potassium Humate 2)Total humic extract 80% 3)Fulvic acid 15% 4)Water soluble 99% 5)Organic Matter 80%

agriculture product Humic Acid powder, humic acid from Leonardite/Lignite,humic acid price

humic acid 1)Organic Matter 85% min 2).Humic Acid:70%min 3. Black Powder

Humic Acid / humic fertilizer/leonardite/natural lignite 50% 65% 70%

Classification: Organic Fertilizer Type: Humic Acid CAS No.: 1415-93-6 Other Names: humic acid MF: humic acid EINECS No.: 215-8

Hot sale High quality leonardite humic acid powder organic fertilizer

Hot sale High quality leonardite humic acid powder organic fertilizer Humic acid: 60%min, Organic matter (dry base):85.0%min