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Humic Acid/Ammonium Humate Ferterlizer

it is organic chelator and microbial stimular.

Leonardite Humic Acid

Humic Acid Content (dry basis): 40%min, 50%min, 65%min, 70%min

humic acid granules leonardite

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Soluble Humic Acid From Leonardite

1.water soluble: 100% humic acid: 80%min 3.humic acid: 65%min 4.fulvic acid:15%min 5.K: 10%min.

50%min Humic Acid ,Leonardite/Lignite, Black Pearl / Granular/ Granule Fertilizer / Plant Growth Nutrents

1.humic acid black pearl leonardite 2.Purity: 50%min 3.25kgs bags or as your demand 4.prompt shipment 5.golden maufacturer

HOT!!! Strong Water soluble derived from Leonardite of big humic acid production

1)Potassium Humate from Leonardite 2)Total humic 80% 3)Fulvic acid 15% 4)Water soluble 99% 5)Organic Matter 80%

leonardite fulvic acid

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Pure Amino Acid Powder 50% from Leonardite

Appearance: Yellow or light yellow powder Water-solubility: 100% Total amino acid: 50% min. Total Nitrogen: 22% min


leonardite 1)Organic Matter:85%min 2)Humic Acid:70%min; 3)Fulvic Acid:3%min 4)Moisture:25%max

Fulvic acid leonardite

Fulvic acid super grade powder Fulvic acid (dry bases):50%min, K2O: 3%min P2O5 : 7% min water soluble matter(dry base):

humic acid powder leonardite

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Potassium huamte leonardite

Potassium huamte leonardite 1.Total humic aicd above 70% 2.pH 8.0-9.0 3.Solubility above 95% 4.Organic K2O 8-10%

KY Top grade potassium humate humic acid leonardite

humic acid leonardite Water soluble humic acid: 80% min Potassium: 12% min Solubility in water: 98% min

Humic Acid / humic fertilizer/leonardite/natural lignite 50% 65% 70%

Classification: Organic Fertilizer Type: Humic Acid CAS No.: 1415-93-6 Other Names: humic acid MF: humic acid EINECS No.: 215-8