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300w/72pcs solar panel

this type solar panels use 72pcs 156*156mm solar cell,the efficiency is above 16%,and the power is from 270w to 300w

lfp battery 8ah

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Cylindrical lifepo4 battery 17370 rechargeable / lfp battery 17370 li-ion 3.2v 600mah

lfp battery 17370 li-ion 3.2v 600mah 1. high performance 2. low self discharge 3. eco-friendly 4. with PCM protect

2014 hot 48v 20ah LFP battery

48V 20AH Lifepo4 Battery for electric scooter/motorcycle. Higher rate discharge, lighter weight,smaller size,customized design

48V LFP Battery Pack UIFP 48V 3.2AH

With smart PCB controlliong inside; High energy density battery; Suitable for wide range of high and low temperature;

solar home system 8KW,48V battery LiFeO4 LFP battery 48V 200Ah

Voltage 48V Capacity 200AH Type:LiFePO4 LFP lipo battery we have 6 years liFe batteries production we have CE,UL,ROSH etc.