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12V 15Ah small rechargeable lithium battery with built SLA case

12v 15ah li-ion battery pack Smaller and lighter than SLA battery No memory effect Long lifespan Lighter and smaller

China manufacture customized size super rechargeable 12v 40ah lithium ion battery for Integrated solar streetlight/LED panel

Lithium ion battery pack 1. A grade 18650 cells and PCM 2. Warranty one year 3. CB(UL), UN38.3, CE, EC, MSDS certificate

lfp battery 5ah

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very safety lifepo4 battery/ lifepo4 battery pack/ lfp battery 9.6v 3ah

9.6V 3.0Ah rechargeable LiFePO4 battery Chemistry:LiFePO4 Warranty: 2 years OEM&ODM CE,UL,RoHS

Lithium Iron Phosphate LFP Battery Pack 12V 40Ah 60Ah LiFePO4 Battery Rechargeable Battery For E-bike,EV,Solar system,UPS

Motive Battery, 12 60Ah for Electric Golf Trolleys 1: Apply to Electric car, forklift, motocy High capacity density

3.2v 1100mah 18650 rechargeable LFP battery

3.2v 1100mah 18650 rechargeable LF battery 1)No memory effect 2) High energy density 3) Long cyclelife 4) Safe performance

lifepo4 12V 15ah battery/15 lfp battery two year warranty

1.12V 15ah battery 2.15ah lfp attery 3.12V lifepo4 battery 4.two year warranty

lfp battery 8ah

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12v 12ah Lifepo4 Battery Pack With PCM Protection lithium Lifeo4 Lfp Battery For Electric Scooter

Voltage: 12V Capacity: 12AH Type: LiFePO4 LFP lipo battery we have 6 years liFe batteries production we have CE,UL,ROSH

LiFePO4 LFP battery for power tools

1. LiFePO4 battery manufacturer 2. high capacity,high power 3. certification:CE,RoHS 4. OEM services provided

12V 3AH LFP battery pack for outdoor camping torch light

1.12V battery for outdoor camping torch light 2.Long cycle life, 3.Light weight,small size 4.Low self-discharge rate

LFP battery 3.2V 80Ah

1. LiFePO4 E-bike battery, E-scooter battery 2. EV battery pack 3. Long cycle 2000 times 4. High safety never explode

lfp battery electric

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lfp battery for the portable equipments(Li-FePO4 battery)

lfp battery for the portable equipments(Li-FePO4 battery) 1.lfp rechargeable battery 2.good quality 3.excellent cycle life

24V10AH LFP lithium battery for electric bike scooter

lithium phosphate battery for e-bike long cycle life, lighter weight excellent performance lithium battery

72v lfp battery pack 10ah

1.72v lfp battery pack 10ah 2.more than 2000c. 3.One year warranty.