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2 sides self adhesive foam tape

Factory directly price Fast delivery Accept custom-make

good foam tape adhesive one side

foam tape adhesive one side of good initial tack and high ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of surface.

adhesive bikini

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Solvent Based Double Component Adhesive For Profile And Panel Wrapping

Augsklei CG 60 - Solvent based double component adhesive for profiles and panels wrapping

A32 Express Pu Montage Adhesive

A32 is a single component, fast curing polyurethane based adhesive. It combines high bond strength with fast curing.


Product Description: ABC Marble and Stone adhesive is a rapid curing based on polyester resin.

PU Shoe Adhesive (PA01/PA02)

1.Applicability:PVC, PU, TPR,rubber, sports materials,leather etc 2.Strong bonding force 3.Low odor 4.Heat and cold resistant

Instant Adhesive for eyes glass repair

instant adhesive for repair eye glass in plastic tubes of half gram brand POLYFIX

Book Binding Adhesive

We Offer good Quality HMA for Various Applications

adhesive yellow and black

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KARIGAR - Wood Adhesive

Wood to wood wood to laminate High-performance white adhesive for wood working applications that has superior bonding properti

Long Lasting adhesive Moving & Storage Carton waterproof Packing Tape

1.Stable adhesion quality 2.Timely service 3.Competitive price 4.Normatively production

bopp adhesive tape

bopp adhesive tape1. HOT-MELT BOPP ADHESIVE TAPE 2. OEM for bopp packing tape 3. excellent quality bopp packing tape

Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape 1. We are manufacturer 2. ISO Certificate 9001:2008 3. Total Thickness. 38--70mic 4. BOPP film,Acrylic glue


YUG-COL SR - 77 is used in Furniture and Footwear Industries.

adhesive pet

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hot melt adhesive for bag sealing tape

hot melt adhesive for bag sealing tape Material: light white Reinforced cotton paper

Maydos White Cement Based Ceramic Tile Adhesive for Concrete Floors

Maydos White Cement Based Ceramic Tile Adhesive for Concrete Floors Strong Bonding Stable Performance Environmental ISO9001

SMT Epibond Adhesives for all SMT surface dispensing applications.

no clean Alpha quality SURFACE MOUNT ADHESIVES of 200g high adhesivity for electrinics Used for wave soldering technique SMT

Removing marble silicone sealant adhesive CWS-775

1. Non-staining 2. odorless, easy use 3.Outstanding UV ,weathering resistance 4. good quality 5. 15 years warranty

Eco-friendly contact adhesive, neoprene glue, contact glue

Contact adhesive is the single component of volatile dry type adhesive with perfect performance waterproof , water and oil-resis

With Two Side Foam Tape Adhesive

foam tape adhesive (VHB) 1material:Propyl acid as backing 2adhesive:acylic solvent based 3.size:10mm*3m/5m,et