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Polyurethane Adhesive for Dry Lamination PU 754

Polyurethane Adhesive , It can be applied to the lamination of different packing materials such as OPP, CPP, PE, CPE, PET, NY,

stong adhesive long tack polyurethane adhesive

polyurethane adhesive excellent bonding strength on various substrates used in the footwear industry



Wood glue/PVAC glue/White glue

white glue, High quality and competitive prices. For bonding furniture,construction material, fiber boards, furniture, Flooring

spray glue for thick leather, fabric, wood, and foam

environment-friendly,nonpoisonous, powerful glue, heat-resistant, aging-resistant, ecnomical, .

invironmental spray glue for spong,wood,fibre

Spray glue HN-87BL is used in sofa manufacture.Good for bonding sponge to sponge,sponge to board ,excellent spraying performance

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2015 Maydos Cement Based Highly Flexible Floor Tile Adhesive for kitchen

cement based highly flexible tile adhesive for wall floorheavy pressure enduranceEco FriendlySuper Bondingwater proof

car inner decoration automotive adhesive foam tape

Strong adhesion. Strong crack resistance. High strength and high seal

high quality waterproof adhesive foam tape

Strong adhesion. Strong crack resistance. High strength and high seal

Top Sale Orthodontic No-Mix /Self-cure Bonding Adhesive with CE FDA

why choose OSAKADENTAL ?Because :-10years manufacturing experience- Millions of users approved.

The Permanent adhesive Of Factory Supply

adhesiveHigh quality consistencyExcellent anti-corrosion propertySST:48/72hoursLow power loss

adhesive bikini

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Product Description: ABC Marble and Stone adhesive is a rapid curing based on polyester resin.

Solvent Based Double Component Adhesive For Profile And Panel Wrapping

Augsklei CG 60 - Solvent based double component adhesive for profiles and panels wrapping

Neutral Silicone Sealant, kitchen and bathroom silicone sealant supplier, ssd solution silicone sealant, silicone adhesive

Excellent neutral silicone for construction Good property neutral silicone sealants general use silicone sealant silicone

A32 Express Pu Montage Adhesive

A32 is a single component, fast curing polyurethane based adhesive. It combines high bond strength with fast curing.

KARIGAR - Wood Adhesive

Wood to wood wood to laminate High-performance white adhesive for wood working applications that has superior bonding properti

Instant Adhesive for eyes glass repair

instant adhesive for repair eye glass in plastic tubes of half gram brand POLYFIX

adhesive yellow and black

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Removing marble silicone sealant adhesive CWS-775

1. Non-staining 2. odorless, easy use 3.Outstanding UV ,weathering resistance 4. good quality 5. 15 years warranty

Maydos Solvent Based Polyurethane Fabric Adhesive PU Adhesives

Maydos Polyurethane PU Adhesives for Flexible Packaging Strong bonding force Yellowing&freezing resistant Low odor ISO9001

SMT Epibond Adhesives for all SMT surface dispensing applications.

no clean Alpha quality SURFACE MOUNT ADHESIVES of 200g high adhesivity for electrinics Used for wave soldering technique SMT

Book Binding Adhesive

We Offer good Quality HMA for Various Applications

Water based acrylic pvc flooring adhesive

Wood glue, white glue, synthetic adhesive, BLOCK BOARDS, rubber adhesive, India, Adhesive for Shoes,laminates sheet,plywood

Eco-friendly contact adhesive, neoprene glue, contact glue

Contact adhesive is the single component of volatile dry type adhesive with perfect performance waterproof , water and oil-resis

adhesive pet

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Fabric Spray Adhesive

Adhesive Spray Permanent or Temporary Bond Strong For differrent Industries Versatile Water-Resistant ISO9001:2000

tile fixing adhesive for floors

1:non toxic 2:Mixed only with water the consumption limit is from 3 to 6 kg/m2 depending on the tile and the support surface.

3M DP460 Tough epoxy resin adhesive

1) One part - requires no mixing 2) Low viscosity 3) Humidity cure 4) Suitable for plastics, rubbers and metals

Hot melt adhesive for diaper and sanitary napkins

Hot melt adhesive for diaper and sanitary napkins 240BG is structural and back adhesive for disposable diaper and napkins

Epoxy Based Two Component High Performance Epoxy Adhesive

EPOX 220 adhesive is a two component, epoxy based, high performance adhesive.


Synthetic wood Adhesive, White Glue, Wood working Glue, Wood Adhesive