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Rectangular gasket

Rectangular gasket 1)Quality;Meet to SGS standard 2)Factory for gasket 3)OEM of gasket 4)Delivery tme:one week only

HAOBAO HXYF08 No-asbestos Gasket

HAOBAO Carbon Fiber Packing Seal 1)good cold flexibility 2)Good sealing and damping 3)High and low temperature resistant

Single jacketed overlap gasket

1. For narrow width application. 2. Mostly custom made, so no size, shape limit. 3. Wide range of materials can be used.

liquid sealant for tires

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Macromolecule Liquid Gasket Sealant

leakproof,cushioning & impact resistance,used in sealing the automotive,mechanical part.liquid gasket sealant,sealant adhesive

liquid gasket sealants

liquid gasket sealants 1.Specialized manufacture 2.ROHS&ISO certificate

repair tubeless anti puncture liquid tire sealant

repair tubeless anti puncture liquid tire sealant 1.seals quickly 2.cover reach within 6mm volatile 4.anti-freezing

KY-901 liquid silicone sealant for protecting electrical components

KY-901 liquid silicone sealant for protecting electrical components additional two-components with high electrical property

latex liquid sealant

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Neutral Silicone Sealant supplier/ silicone sealant for laminated wood/ liquid silicone sealant

Excellent neutral silicone for construction Good property neutral silicone sealants general use silicone sealant silicone

liquid tyre sealant

truck tyre with GCC 1)Special designed for hot weather 2)high mileage 3)cheap price 4)Good compound

liquid thread sealant

liquid thread sealant 1,Excellent weatherability, waterproof 2,Toppest quality,acetoxy 3,Aquarium adhesive

tyre liquid sealants

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Liquid Polyurethane sealant for scrap foam

*Professional manufacturing Polyurethane sealant for scrap foam * Strong adhesive force to optimize the foam tensile

Liquid Silicone Sealant, Contract Packaging Service

Clear liquid silicone sealant, Excellent sealing, coating and waterproof performance. Private-label packaging available.

Electronic Pouring Liquid Silicone Sealant Pouring Sealant

electical pouring sealant 1.Industrial Silicone Sealant 2.High quaility with reasonable price 3.Used for general purpose

High quality liquid tyre sealant, high performance tyres with prompt delivery

liquid tyre sealant Competitive prices, prompt delivery and good service.