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Food grade liquid silicone for mold making FDA RoHS Certificate Hot Sale Liquid Silicone

Food grade liquid silicone 1.FDA ROHS Certificate 2.Manufacturer 5 years 3.High quality safety 4.1 year storage period

liquid silicone for making molds -Addition Cure - Food Grade

liquid silicone for making molds - Addition Cure - Food Grade 1.Acid-proof alkali silicone rubber shrinkage

Food grade liquid silicone for mold making

1: Good tensile strength and tear strength, 2: low shrinkage. 3: Suitable for pouring methods of operation

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liquid silicone price for life casting platinum cure silicone rubber

Life Casting Silicone Rubber1.ROHS FDA Certificate2.>1year storage period 3.Manufacturer 5years4.High quality good price

rtv2 liquid silicone for healthy portable reuseable soft massage silicone shoe pads

Medical Grade rtv2 Liquid Silicone : 1:environmentally-friendly 2.not easy to burn 3.good quality

food grade liquid silicone for mold making

1, Good rebound ability and easy to demould2, Well heat stability and weather ability (-60C-250C)3, Low shrinkage4,EU RoHs

liquid silicone & catalyst

liquid silicone & catalyst applicable for large size product applicable for small size product various application

High quality liquid silicone sealant

liquid silicone sealant1.Weather resistance2.High strength bonding3..Almost can bond all the material

RTV2 molding Silicone for Cultured Stone mold

molding Silicone 1)Low shrinkage2)Excellent tear&tensile strength3)Good Fluidity4)Resistance to alkalescence&acidity

liquid silicone gel

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liquid silicone for injection moulding silicone rubber

1.Odorless 2.High tensile strength 3.Apply to injection molding progress 4.RoHS certificated,FDA,LFGB certificated

liquid silicone sealant for bonding

liquid silicone sealant for bonding part, no mixing required 2.shelf life is 9months 3.adhesive to a wide range of buil

Liquid Silicone for Elastomer

Liquid Silicone as Raw Material for Rubber 1.Colorless transparent liquid 2.Flexible production 3.Passed SGS & ISO

Liquid silicon for label-manufacture of textile, fabric tape, silk printing words

use in solid iron printing label anti-lubrication coating for label of metal, paper, plastic, leather for label-manufacturing

JCT rtv liquid silicone NHZ-1000L

1.rtv liquid silicone 2.High temperature /pressure 3.Multi-funtional 4.Frequency control 5.CE,ISO14001,ISO90

Liquid silicone for sex toy

1.Easy to use 2.Reproduce intricate details 3. Resist tearing with repeated use 4.certifications:ISO,Rohs,Reach and SGS

liquid silicone mould

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hot sales liquid silicone,neutral silicone sealant

1. single-component Neutral silicone sealant 2. neutral curing, fast curing speed . 3.High adhesion

General purpose liquid silicone sealants clear CWS-109

1.Low odor, Waterproof and crack proof 2.Glazing for door and window 3.Stable long service life: 30years 4 china supplier

Liquid Silicone Product for a sign/board/keypad

Medical or Food-rate Liquid Silicone products, certified by ROHS,FDA and LFGB Silicone products.

rtv2 Liquid Silicone for Gypsum Mould FDA RoHS Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mould

rtv2 Liquid Silicone for Gypsum Mould 1.ROHS FDA Certificate 2.1 year storage period 3.Manufacturer 5year 4.High quality

professional liquid silicon hermetic

professional liquid silicon hermetic 1.Construction Grade Silicone Sealant 2.Neutral cure 3.Use for ACP, Stones, Metals,

RTV liquid silicone (good operation) for mold making

1. resistance to deformation, high-temperature 2. high reproduction times 3. good tensile strength 4. excellent operabilit

cream liquid silicone

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Factory Direct Supply Professional Liquid Silicone Waterproofer

*High Quality Sealants and Adhesives *Excellent Adhesion Excellent Tooling *OEM available *Certification: SGS; ROHS; ISO

neutral curing silicone/no smells silicone sealant/liquid silicone sealant

Neutral curing silicone, no smells silicone sealant, liquid silicone 2. Resistant to mildew; 3. used in bathroom, kitchen

High grade glass pure liquid silicone

1, RTV-1, Acid Curing; 2, Transparent, non-discoloring, fast curing; 3, Excellent weatherproofing performance.

molding liquid silicone for gypsum decoration mold making

1.liquid silicone rubber for mould making large -scale cement mold,,2. fine soft mold or cultural stone mold3.convenient

sealing use fast dry al-alloy door liquid silicone

permatex rtv silicone sealant 1.RTV silicon sealant2.Strong adhesione and fast dry3.Weatherproof and weatherproof4.OEM

food grade liquid silicone for fish tank aquarium silicone decoration

1, Good rebound ability and easy to demould2, Well heat stability and weather ability (-60C-250C)3, Low shrinkage4,EU RoHs