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Semi-automatic or Automatic Cosmetic Box 3D Cellophane Perfume Box Wrapping Machine Packing Machine

Cellophane perfume box wrapping machine packing 1.Manufacturer 2.Gold tear tape, needn't change molds 3.Warranty: 12 months

Japanese high quality automatic wrapping machine PAW-5000

automatic wrapping machine Two-axis AC Servomotor equipped User-friendly Operability Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

automatic twist lollipop wrapping machine

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Ball-type Lollipop Wrapping Machine

Ball-type Lollipop Wrapping Machine reasonable price mature technology 40 years experience

lollipop wrapping machine

lollipop wrapping machine structure, easy and simple operation 2.Production capacity (pack/minute): 60-280

NYBBJ-350 ball-type lollipop wrapping machine

It applies for packing the head of spherical lollipop.

BBJ-II ball lollipop wrapping machine

1.It is newly developed wrapping machine especially designed for ball-type lollipops. 2.It is high speed and reliable function.