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glass roll on bottle

3ml 5ml 8ml 10ml glass roll on bottle 1.The cap can be aluminum-plastic or plastic 2.Can be glass roller ball or steel roller

3ml/4ml/5ml/6ml/8ml/10ml/15ml Glass Roll on Bottle

Glass Roll on Bottle Roll on glass bottle Perfume Glass roll on bottle Leak-proof and gurantee quality

portable vaporisateur natural spray perfume 10ml

vaporisateur natural spray perfume >OEM is welcome for vaporisateur natural spray perfume >Artwork can be frost et >any color

f perfume

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lomani perfume filling machine

perfume filling machine 1. semi-automatic filling 2. for aerosol: body spray, air freshener, insecticide 3. 3 filling nozzles

Fully Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine miss lomani

ZQ-R Series, It has ten cavities and the maximum capacity of the products is 2.0L.

Lomani 1

The new Fragrance, Perfume and Deodorant