low sulfur and phosphorus

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petroleum coke price low sulfur,Graphitized Petroleum Coke Price

High carbon graphite,high pure graphite powder, graphitized petroleum coke gpc: 1.fixed carbon:98.5%min 2.sulphur:0.5%max.

Expandable Graphite Powder Super low sulfur

1.own graphite mine 2.Good properties of expandability 3.Resistance to high temperature 4.Radiation protection

low sulphur met coke, widely used in Steel-making and Metallurgy

Carbon Raiser 1. Superior conductivity 2. High fixed carbon 3. Low sulfur, ash, moisture content 4. High absorption usage

low sulfur coke

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coal tar low Sulfur

coal tar low Sulfur 1,Sample can be sent 2,Superior quality cheap price 3,Black sticky liquid 4,Sulfur:0.5%

superior and low price Sulphur black 1326-82-5

1.superior and low price Sulphur black 1326-82-5 2.Appearance: bright black flake or crystals 3.Used dyeing on cotto,cam

Metallurgical coke low sulfur 10-2mm

metallurgical coke 1. high quality met coke 2. high fixed carbon low sulfur low moisture 3. different size 4.Fast Delivery

Special Silicon calcium barium cored wire, low Sulfur

1.content:Si30-45% Re22-26% Ca14-18% Ba4-6% 2.Admixture:S<0.08% P<0.05% 3.Capacity:1000MT/month