d2 low sulfur

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low sulfur, high quality carbon anode scrap producing anode block or anode paste

Carbon anode scrap can be divided into different sizes and used as a kind of aggregate in the process of producing anode block .

calcined pet coke low sulfur

1.High carbon 99%min, 2.Low sulfur 0.15%max, 3.High absorptivity in molten steel, 4.calcined pet coke low sulfur

Metallurgical Coke/Carbon Additive/High Grade/Low Sulfur

Metallurgical Coke High Fixed Carbon:>86% 84.5% 83% Low Sulfur: <1.0% aa0.8% <0.7% M40:>80% Heating Performance: >8000KC

Low Sulfur 0.5 Calcined Petroleum Coke/CPC

Calcined Petroleum Coke,CPC 1.High carbon 98.5%min 2.Low sulfur 0.5%max 3.High absorptivity in molten steel ISO9001:2008 App

Calcined Petroleum Coke, CPC,Low Sulfur

calcined petroleum coke 1.Manufactory price 2.Fixed Carbon: > 98% 3.Size :40-80 mesh 4.Use : steel mill (steel carbon )

low sulfur and phosphorus

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S 0.03% graphite low sulfur

graphite low sulfur S 0.03% Ash 0.5% max Size 1-5mm 90% min SGS inspection

met coke (size30--80mm) low sulfur

metallurgical coke 1.Quick delivery with strong package 2.Low sulfur 3.best price & quality

Low Sulfur Synthetic/ Artifical Graphitized Petroleum Coke,0mm-60mm The fuel level green pet coke price

High carbon, high thermal value Low Sulphur, low Nitrogen Size: 0-5MM 0.5~5mm, 0~1mm, 0.2~1mm, 0~3mm, 0~8mm, 1~3mm, 1~5mm,

barium carbonate low sulfur 0.025%

barium carbonte low sulfur 0.025%: BaCO3:99%min SO4:0.025%max Fe:0.0015%max

Barium Carbonate low sulfur

CAS No.:513-77-9 Molecular Formula: BaCO3 Micro/Light grade/Free flowing/Granular

low sulfur coke

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coal tar low Sulfur

coal tar low Sulfur 1,Sample can be sent 2,Superior quality cheap price 3,Black sticky liquid 4,Sulfur:0.5%

Expandable Graphite Powder Super low sulfur

1.own graphite mine 2.Good properties of expandability 3.Resistance to high temperature 4.Radiation protection

China metallurgical coke low ash and low sulfur

China metallurgical coke low ash and low sulfur 1. high quality met coke 2. high fixed carbon low sulfur low moisture

Special ferrosilicon briquette ferro Silicon briquette/SiFe low sulfur

Ferrosilicon 75 72 70 65 60 45 Size: Lumps & powder ISO and SGS quality Lowest price prompy reply & free samples

pure carbon additive high carbon low sulfur

1.prompted delivery 2.controlled quality and established quantity 3.SGS/CIQ/ISO approved 4.Competitive price