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ash fusion Temprature(*iso 540)

FC-12 33MM mango flavour waterpipe smoking coal

1.First Burning:30-60" 2.Glowing Time:15" 3.Burning time:60-90' 4.Heat:6500- 8500J/kg 5.Odourless&Sparkless

steam coal

steam coal from indonesia

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Lump Coal 4b reasonable price from Vietnam

- Coal high quality - reasonable price - delivery quickly - standard Coal

Indonesian Steam coal

Steam coal with NAR: 3800-5100Kcal/kg GCV: 5100-6500Kcak/Kg Steam coal for Cement Plant, Food, Boiler system, Thermal Plant

Calcined anthracite coal/Recarburizer 90%-98.5%for Iron casting

Products with high carbon and low sulphur , low nitrogen and low resistivity and low ash and other features.

Double Roller Lump Coal Crusher

Double Roller Lump Coal Crusher low nosie,high efficiency simple maintenance easy installation ISO9001:2000

Anthracite Coal

Anthracite Coal from Mpumalanga, South Africa

Vietnam Lump Coal 4a best price high quality

- Coal high quality- reasonable price- delivery quickly- standard Coal

lump coal prices

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Piston lump coal washer/coal washing machine


high quality lump anthracite coal with low price

Semi Coke/Coking Coal Gas Coke High Fixed Carbon:80%,83%,85% Low Sulfur: 0.3% Low P: 0.02% Moisture:10.00%

Lump Shape Bituminous Thermal Coal

1.Product Type:Coal 2.Type:Bituminous coal 3.Application:Steam Coal 4.Shape:Lump 5.Place of Origin:Indonesia

lump pillow coal for barbeque household

lump pillow coal for barbeque household 1.made from pure natural sawdust which are eco-friendly 2. burn evenly and long time

High Quality China Origin Lump Anthracite Coal

Lump Anthracite Coal : 1.Professional Manufacturer 2.High Fixed carbon 3.Low Sulful Content 4.ISO9001

lump anthracite coal

Carbon raiser: 1. F.C is 90-95% min 2. 6-10mm,sulfur0.2% min 3. Be made of Ningxia anthracite 4.High absorptivity

lump coal making machine

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Coal Mine Rotary Drier/Drying Line/Lump Coal Drying machines

Rotary dryer is suitable to dry clay, coal slurry, city waste, coal in coal mine, chicken manure, etc.

bulk lump charcoal/coal with 2-3hours burning time

1.Easily to ignore 2.Ecological free 3.Burning time 1.5-2hours 4.Ash content low

Lump coal PFL-800 vertical combination crusher/stone crushing machine

1.High capacity and low cost 2.Perfect after sale service 3.High-effective performance

The best chinese charcoal manufacturer, natural lump charcoal, silver magic coal

silver hookah coal,natural lump charcoal Smokeless,odorless,tasteless burn 1 hour,ash 3% heat value7000 calorie 100% natural

Wholesale hardwood lump charcoal,Briquet coal

wholesale hardwood lump charcoal 1)high quality 2)easy-lit,smokeless ,non-toxic, odourless 3)burns long time:5-7h 4)OEM

biomass chacoal stick briquette machine/lump coal and charcoal extruder machine

1 charcoal briquette machine 2 Price: lower price under the same standard 3 offer OEM manufacture service

lump coal vibration screen

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Trommel for sale for lump coal, coal dust, coal washing plant

Coal trommel for sale 1. Capacity: 30-80 t/h 2. Multi sizes 3. Screen plates easy to replace 4. ISO9001,CQC,BV

Lump Coal 4a high quality, reasonable price

- Coal high quality - reasonable price - delivery quickly - standard Coal

Gas Calcined anthracite coal 93% FC / lump anthracite coal

Calcined anthracite coal / lump anthracite coal 1. FC - 93%min 2. S - 0.3%max 3. V - 1.5%max 4. MOISTURE - 0.5%max

lump pillow coal for barbeque household

lump pillow coal for barbeque household 1.Factory price 2.SGS 3.export to UK AU

lump coconut shell charcoal mya shisha coals for sale

charcoal mya shisha coal 1.Pure nature hookah tablets charcoal 2.Smokeless,odourless,tasteless 3.Smooth and delicate surface

coal washing process machine /Piston lump coal washer

Piston lump coal washer Large capacity ,High Precision separation Simple structure Convenient operation low cost coal washer