acrylic machine sealant

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auto paint sealant making machines and whole production line

Paint Making Machines 1.Whole production line for paint making 2.Mixing- Grinding- Coloring- Packing 3.Automatic and effcient

high speed automatic teflon container sealant to machines

teflon container sealant to machines 1.Hot melt glue. 2.30-60 boxes/min. 3.saving man power and improve work effect

TH-2004D-300KG robot sealant dispenser,3 axis sealant robot,sealant dispensing machine

Usually in 300ML.400ml.500ml.600ml polyethylene-aluminum packed silicon dispensing and coating glue. as Glass glue, silicon

silicon machine sealant

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sealing robot/ CNC Tape Sealing Machine/ sealant sealing robot

1 CNC System control, Sealing secondary sealant 2 min glass size:280x450mm 3 max glass size:2500x3500mm 4 max speed: 48m/min

Polyurethane foam machine sealant

Polyurethane foam machine sealant 1. Non-toxic and odor 2. environment-friendly. 3. High modulus & tensile strength 4. Outst

500L Sigma Kneader Machine fo Sealant/ Sigma Mixer

1) sigma mixer 2) capacity: 2-5000L 3) Application: paint,Oil-ink,Pigment,Silicone resin,Hotmelt adhesive,DMC..

Better price Track 1/2/3 electronic bus ticketing machine sealant

electronic bus ticketing machine sealant 1. GPRS Quad-band 2. 64MB RAM/128MB ROM 3. GPRS/Printer/MSR/IC 4. CE.ROHS.FCC

insulating glass machine/sealant-spreading machine

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Sealant spreading machine/ ST01 Two Component Sealant Extruder

Sealant spreading machine Silicone Extruder SIlicone coating machine Mixing ration proportion of mixture 6:1-14:1

anaerobic threadlocker Compound/Adhesive/Sealant/machine screw

1.General Purpose Threadlocker Adhesive sealant 2.ISO9001,SGS 3. Can be removed by hand tools 4.General purpose for threa

building industry filling machine sealant for door window

building industry filling machine sealant for door window 1. Used in door; 2. Material: EPDM; 3. Anti-aging, anti-ozone