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versatile roofing board 4 hours fireproof all outdoor weather elements.

1.Factory owns 4 patents 2 50~150mm 3.Fast lead time 3 days 4.versatile roofing board

Fireproof board

Fireproof board; Can be used as bothroom wall panel; Fire proofing and water proofing; Wall Panels

Hot sale Manfacture price Fireproof UV Board for decoration

Specifications resistance excellent(A - class),light weight: 2.warterproof, high hardness:

99 purity magnesium chloride

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Factory offer calcium chloride acid

moles of calcium chloride 1)Anti-slip snow melting agent 2)Purity:74%/77%/94% 3)Enviromental protection

magnesium chloride flakes, nigari, food / industrial grade

Magnesium Chloride Flake 1.White Flake,with the content of 47% 2.Less impurities and metals. 3.Easily dissolve 4. industrial

Top Quality From 10 Years experience manufacture magnesium chloride powder

magnesium chloride powder 1.High Quailty GMP&ISO 2.Competitive Price

factory direct USP32/EP2010 magnesium citrate anhydrous

factory direct USP29 potassium citrate 1. MF:C6H5K3O7.H2O 2.Chloride<=50ppm 3.Sulphates<=150ppm 4.Oxalate<=100ppm-300ppm

High Quality Magnesium chloride with free sample

it is a kind of amino acid with white fine powder form it is used for bodybuilding and health care Free sample,high qutaity

fatty chloride acids

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2014 very hot Ethanoyl chloride

Colorless liquid smoke, strong irritating smell

Magnesium Chloride Feed Grade

the manufacturer and exporter of Magnesium Chloride. MgCl2.6H2O:98%, MgCl2:46%, Apperance:yellow flake,gray flake

feed additive choline chloride 98% crystal

1. Grade: Feed grade 2. Form: Powder, liquid and crystalloid 3. Yellowish-brown dry mobile particle

Feed Grade additive Poultry factory Cholin Chloride

1. Kinds of choline chloride 2. Good Quality and Best Price 3. Professional Sales and Serivce 4. Direct Factory

(swimming Pool Chemical) Sdic 60%,Granules,Tablet,Powder,2 Chloride,Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate

Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent CAS No.: 2893-78-9 Other Names: SDIC 56%&60% MF: C3Cl2N3NaO3 Purity: 56%,60%

coagulant aid of cement / anhydrous magnesium sulfate

We are manufacturer of Magnesium sulfate, we have our own factory for producing it, so our price is very competitive!

anhydrous magnesium chloride

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Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate

Colorless, Deliquescent crystals.

4-Methylbenzenesulfonic acid zinc salt hydrate

4-Methylbenzenesulfonic acid zinc salt hydrate CAS No.: 123334-05-4 MF:2C7H7O3S.Zn MW:407.78 EINECS :236-576-7

42% magnesium chloride pump

1.The temperature of the liquid to be delivered shall not be higher than the degree of 50 . 2.High efficiency/Corrosion resista

L-Lysine sulphate magnesium chloride powder

L-Lysine sulphate 65% / 70% 1. feed grade 2.C6H14N2O2.SO4 51% min / 55% min 3. other amino acid: 10% min 4.DE value: 15%

match-well Fireproof waterproof laminated decorative magnesium oxide board

hpl laminated mgo board 1.Fireproof waterproof Acid-resistant 2.alkali-resitant, oil-proof