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small magnets Type block shape small neodymium magnets

small magnets Type block shape small neodymium magnets Samples available Manufactures with High quality ISO,REACH,ROHS

block rectangle shape and permanent magnet type ndfeb neodymium magnet.

block rare earth magnet1)Factory with EXW price2) ISO, RoHs Certification3)High quality with best service

grate type ndfeb magnet

1).Shape: ring 2).Certificate: ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949magnet clasp bracelet$HOT$

various types of magnet

Field Permanent plate lifting magnets1.good quality2.reasonable price3.quick service

rubber fridge magnet for different countries

rubber fridge magnet for different countries1. Non toxic,non smell and eco-friendly 2. sample is available 3. High qualit

permanent type Ndfeb Mounting Magnets

permanent type Ndfeb Mounting MagnetsSamples available Manufacture with High quality High intrinsic coercive force

permanent magnet type

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Block rectangle shape and permanent magnet type NdFeB neodymium magnet.

1) High and stable Performance ; 2) Low Cost with less Dy or no Dy ; 3) Perfect Consistence ; 4) Low weight loss.

Soft,Fridge Magnets Type and Rubber Magnet Composite tin plate fridge magnet

Rubber Magnet 1.Low cost 2.Hard and brittle 3.Chinese Regular Grade: Y10/Y25/Y30/Y30BH/Y33/Y35

Flag fridge magnet type paper country magnet flags fridge magnet

1 competitive price 2 irregular shape 3 extensive use 4 excellent resiliency 5 PVC Rubber fridge magnet

Flexible Magnets types of magnets and uses

circular lifting magnet1. good quality2.reasonable price3.quick service

Fridge Magnets Type blank acrylic fridge magnet

fridge magnet1Material:Flexible rubber magnets2Grade:Anisotropic or isotropic3Use in fridge etc4Certificates:CE,ROHS,SG

Permanent Magnet Type

Permanent Magnet Type 1.High quality consistency 2.Excellent anti-corrosion property

ndfeb bar magnets type

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Magnet types

1) all-round service 2) strong magnetic force & high quality with satisfied price 3) stable performance 4) fast delivery

Permanent magnet types of buttons for clothing

Magnet 1.good antiseptic treatment,strong magnetic, 2.Die-casting or plating 3.Free sample 4.factory and manufacture

smco arc magnet permanent magnet type

1. the most powerful commercialized permanent magnets 2.Professional Manufacturer of Magnets 3.Chengdu Amoeba Magnetic Co.

D14 Ring Super Magnet magnet type

D14 Ring Super Magnet magnet typeGrade: N33-N52, so on Coating:Zn,Ni,silver,gold,copper,epoxyFree samples

D14 Ring Super Magnet magnet type

Super Magnet magnet type1.nickel plated ring magnet2.for washer , speaker, rotor3.good price, fast delivery

Grate type NdFeB magnet

NdFeB magnet ,Max 12000 gauss ,SUS 316L neodymium magnet could be made.Any shape could be made.Max 300 deg C .

neodymium magnet type n35 ring

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Oblique Type Neodymium Magnet/Oblique Type NdFeB Magnet/Oblique Type Magnet

1.Name:Oblique Type Magnet 2.High quality consistency 3.Prominent cutting edge technology

Popular Runway Type Magnet

Popular Runway Type Magnet OEM and ODM orders are welcome High quality,best price,quick delivery

Series MW5 High Temperature Type Industrial Lifting Magnets

Industrial Lifting Magnets 1.for lifting steel scraps in high temperature 2.special for melting furnace charging 3.factory

n52 Strong neodymium Block types magnet

n52 Strong neodymium Block types magnet 1.Customized size 2.Used in motor 3.Strong & Standard grades available

large capacitance type magnetizer/demagnetizer

This series of magnetizer/demagnetizer is used phase modulation technology and constant current charging.

ring type NdFeB Magnets

NdFeB magnets are used widely in our lives,incuding motor,car,gifts and other many fields.