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Big ring magnets/big round magnets/custom cast alnico magnet

Alnico magnet 1. Material: cast alnico magnet 2. Good magnetic 3. The shape and size is various 4. SGS, ISO, CE

Strong special shape Ndfeb magnet

Customized NdFeB magnets, with our advanced processing technology.ISO9001:2000, RoHS report by SGS, Reach report.

Custom PVC rubber magnet

custom Pvc rubber magnet 1. applied for car magnet ; fridge magnet 2.printable magnet 3. 0.3-6mm thick ,700mm Width below

flexible pvc soft magnet

magnet with plastic cover 1Material:Flexible magnets 2Grade:Anisotropic 3Use in fridge etc 4Certificates:SGS,REACH,ROHS.CE

environmental pvc adhesive rubber magnets sheets

environmental pvc adhesive rubber magnets sheets are made of ferrite magnet powder, compound rubber and other materials.

magnetics fridge

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Strong N35 Neodymium D10 X 1mm Disc magnet with nickel coating

used in Medical equipment, magnetic separators, linear actuators, microphone assemblies, servo motors, DC motors etc

High performance high quality block neodymium permanent magnet

high quality block neodymium permanent magnet small order accept 10 years production skills 4-year exporting experience quick le

Cylinder strong neodymium magnets

Application:industry Magnet Composite: Rare Earth neodymium magnets Coating: NICUNI Grade: N48 Tolerance:+/-0.05mm

magnets ndfeb

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N52 Neodymium magnet/ strong sintered ndfeb magnet

1.Sintered NdFeB magnet. 2.Size: Customized. 3.Grade: 35-52(N,M,H,SH,UH) 4.Good price with quickly delivery. 5.ISO9001, SGS.

Super strong Cylinder NdFeB Magnet

Super strong Cylinder NdFeB Magnet 1)High performance 2)Various grades and block

Super Strong Bar/Strip Neodym Magnet

1.the supplier of Samsung,Iphone 2.OEM,ODM Service 3.Safe and non-toxic 4.High anti-corrosion 5.Eco-friendly material

high quality strong PVC covered rubber magnet flexible magnet

Flexible magnets: rolls, sheets, strips, Isotropic or Anisotropic,strong magnetic force ISO9001:2008, RoHS, EN71, ISO14001

Digital Printable Wide Magnet,signage

1.Wide Format 2.Magnet for digital printing 3.620mm or 1M wide printable 4.Flexible, easy to cut or roll

fridge magnet

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Super Strong Sintered Neodymium Small Round Magnete For Sale

1.High quality neodymium magnet 2.Custom-made dimension 3.Reasonable price 4.Certificate:ISO9001:2008 5.Coating:Ni Zn etc.

Rare earth magnet

1.Rare earth magnet 2.High quality & best price 3.Certificate:ISO9001:2008; REACH;RoHS

Hot sale sphere magnet/5mm Neocube buckyball/magic neo cube ball toy

magnet ball 1.High quality NdFeB material 2.Customized size&accurate tolerance 3.Fast safe delivery&best service

NdFeB Permanent Magnet,Neodymium Permanent Magnet

NdFeB Permanent Magnet,Neodymium Permanent Magnet 1. Grade: N35,N45,N52 2. Shape: Disc,Ring,Block 3. Plating: Ni,Zn,Epoxy