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Zahabiya Soft Seal Special ZSP-1191 Acrylic Caulking Sealant

Zahabiya Soft Seal Special is a high quality acrylic based flexible sealing caulk for cracks, joints, door/ window fitting etc.

mastic sealant tape

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2014 hot sale acrylic mastic sealant

acrylic mastic sealant 1,Do priting,filling&packing 2,Do buyer's brand&logo 3,Guarantee 12 months 4,OEM

ISO18001 certified mastic sealant

1.mastic sealant 2.can strongly stick to most traditional building materials.

Gap Filler Acrylic Mastic Sealant OLV77

1. One component, water based, 2. Very ideal to seal & fill gaps or joints, 3. Premium gap filler

Mastic Sealant

1. 2 in 1 component 2. Mixes like putty, hardens like steel 3. Can be drilled, tapped, sanded or filed when cured

mastic sealant machine

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Epoxy glue Adhesive glue/Epoxy doming machine/mastic sealant

1. Mix rate:100:20 2. Use in -40--120 degree 3. Curing time: 60mins 4. MSDS and ISO9001 5. Construction chemicals

Professional Manufacturer Variety Colour Available Silicone Based Black Mastic Sealant

Black Mastic Sealant * Wide Price Level * Acetate & Neutral Silicone Sealant * Short Leading Time * Stock Availa

Kafuter K-0262 Acrylic Mastic Sealant

acrylic mastic sealant liquid 2.thixotropic,high strength 3.seal and lock below M20 thread fasteners 4.50ml/bottle

acrylic mastic sealant

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Chida 8821-A Waterproof sealing butyl mastic strip sealant

Butyl mastic strip is cut from high quality butyl tape. It is non-curing double-sided waterproof sealing tape.

Anti-fungus silicone mastic sealant

Anti-fungus silicone mastic sealant 1)Total Vision System (TVS) and architectural 2)good weathering resistanc

kingjoin General purpose bathroom acrylic mastic sealant

kingjoin General purpose bathroom acrylic mastic sealant 1.High bond strength 2.Slump resistant 3.Excellent water resstance

W129 mastic sealant

1. W129 transparent EVA hot mel 2. Quality of certified level, 3. non-toxic tasteless 4. have logo "GZWW WW" on the product

Acrylic Mastic Sealant, Acrylic Paint Sealant

1. paintable 2. water base 3.curing fast 4. OEM