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Plastic Floating Mbbr Bio Media For Sewage Treatment Plant

Quickly biofilm culturing. Life span over 10 years. Super ability of decarburization, denitrification,deamination.

MBBR floating Bio media/ Biological Biofilm / Porous media filter

Material: Virgin HDPE. Longevity Service>10 years. Application: Pond, fish farming, aquarium, Koi and waste water treatment.

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MBBR Bio Filter Medias for water treatment biocell media

Biocell filter media for fish farming, waste water treatment,packing media for waste water treatment

Activated MBBR Bio Media For Waste Water Treatment

Activated MBBR Bio Media 1.Ideal surface for biofilm to multiply 2.High relative surface area 3.ISO9001:2008

MBBR Bio filter media/MBBR floating Bio filter media for waste water treatment

Material: PE or HDPE. Specific surface: >500 m2/m3. Size: 10x7, 10x10, 11x7, 12x7, 12x10, 12x12, 14.5x10, 25x12, 28x5mm.