k3 bio media

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Activated MBBR Bio Media

Activated MBBR Bio Media 1.Size:25*12,14*9.8,11*7,12*10,*10*7mm 2.MOQ:1m3 3.Material:Virgin PE 4.Color:natural white

High Effective MBBR Biofilm Carrier & MBBR Bio Filter Media

Bio Filter Media: 1. High efficient 2. High quality 3. Corrosion resistant 4. Long lifetime

MBBR Bio Media, Bio Packing Media, MBBR Media Packing used in fluidized bed

High relative surface area Lightweight zero buoyancy Self cleaning Ideal surface for biofilm to multiply

china mbbr

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MBBR bio media for biological filtration

MBBR bio media for biological filtration 1.High relative surface area 2.Lightweight zero buoyancy 3.Self cleaning

MBBR Bio media

MBBR Bio media is low weight,Large active surface area, Easy upgrade of existing plant, Durable,

MBBR bio pack media for water treatment

PROFLEX MBBR media virtually increases the surface area of the aeration tank required for attached microbial growth.

MBBR bio media

Application: Pond, Fish Farming, Aquarium and MBBR. Size: 10x7, 10x10, 12x10, 12x12, 25x9, 25x10, 25x12mm. Longevity Service.