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MBBR bio media for sewage treatment, HDPE plastic media

MBBR media: moving bed biofilm reactor) Purpose: Biofilm media Mode: YL-I(10*10), YL-II(25*12), YL-III(35*17) Brand: YULONG

Water Treatment Plastic MBBR Media suspension biological packing media.K1.K3 bio cell filter

Bio filter media 1.Size:11*7mm 2.Weight:140kg/m3 3.Surface area:>845m2/m3 4.Color:natural white

MBBR filter media, K1 media, K3 media.

1.Suppy many sizes and shaps 2.Reasonable price 3.high surface area:850 4.Floating type 5.Using for the bio filter, MBBR,FAB

MBBR media/K1 media

1.Bio packing media ,Color;. white& balck ,or as u need 2.K3,K1 is self cleaning and very efficient as a bio media 3.25*12mm

k3 bio media

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High Effective MBBR Biofilm Carrier & MBBR Bio Filter Media

Bio Filter Media: 1. High efficient 2. High quality 3. Corrosion resistant 4. Long lifetime

bio packing media MBBR Media PE02

bio packing media 1.PE01,PE02,PE03,PE04,PE05 2.High quality,competive price 3.short delivery time

Mbbr bio filter media for waste water

Quickly biofilm culturing. Life span over 10 years. Super ability of decarburization, denitrification,deamination.

MBBR bio media

MBBR bio media 1.High relative surface area 2.Lightweight zero buoyancy 3.Self cleaning 4.Ideal surface for biofilm

china mbbr

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MBBR Bio media filter, Wastewater media, Fishpond MBBR media for MBBR moving bed

Material: PE or HDPE. Size: 10x7, 10x10, 11x7, 12x7, 12x10, 12x12, 14.5x10, 25x12, 28x5mm. Longevity Service>10 years.

MBBR Bio Media

MBBR Bio Media 1)Less sensitivity to shock loading. 2)Clog free operation 3)Provides high Bio Surface Area.

MBBR biocell , MBBR floating bio media used for water treatment

1.Bio packing media ,Color;. white& balck ,or as u need 2.Material: PP,HDPE,change PVC 3.Available size:10*8mm, 11*7mm,12*7.