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Top sales portable high concentration cheap hepa air purifier

car air purifier 1.Adustable ozone :20%-100% 2.Air cooled ceramic ozone tube 3..portable generator 4.high efficiency

2014 Newest pm 2.5 air purifier GL-3301

pm 2.5 air purifier Cleanable HEPA filter UVC lamp + TiO2 filter to kill bacteria We have mould for OEM Manufacturer

Hgh efficiency ozone generator with LCD/3.5g/7g

1.Cigarette smoke purifier with ozone generator 2.aluminium alloy cabinet or stainless steel 3.Producing 3500mg/h or 7000mg/h

medical sterilizer lamp

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Portable Medical Ozone Sterilizer for hospital bed

Medical Ozone Sterilizer 1. Ozone generator 2. Easily moved 3. remove odour 4.kill bacteria, viruses and spores

Portable home and hotel water and air medical portable sterilizer

water and air medical portable sterilizer 1.Domestic patent 2.CE certification 3.Easy to operate 4.Portable

Medical Sterilization Equipments Portable Fast Casette Pressure Steam Sterilizer 1.8L / 5.2L / 6L

1.Casette Pressure Steam Sterilizer 2.Max steam temperature:138 degree 3.Water tank volume: 3.4L