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High Temperature RTV Gasket Maker RTV Silicone Gasket Maker RED/BLACK Acetic Gasket Maker RTV Gasket Maker Sealant

Oil Gas Water Pipe Tape Repair for Undeground Steel Pipe Wrap Coating

Oil Gas Water Pipe Repair Tape for Undeground Steel Pipe Wrap Coating Pipe Repair, Pipe Sealing, Pipe Joint & Pipe Protection.

PES hot melt adhesive for fabrics lamination

hot melt adhesive can be used in fabric ,leather,PET,packing material bonding , flexibility fabrics fields,labels etc.

melting adhesive film

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Good Hot Melt Adhesives for heat transfer printing

Good Adhesion Interling Hot Melt Adhesives for Fabric Industry: Prominent bond intensity and elasticity, Excellent water resist

EVA Bookbinding Hot Melt Adhesive

Makro bookbinding hot melt are suitable for many bookbinding applications and materials. We have both spine and side adhesive.

EVA hot melt adhesive SH30350

Less filler high temperature EVA hot melt adhesiveaafast melting, high tensile strength, good solvent resistance.