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High quality CAS 603-33-8 Triphenyl bismuth

1.Name:triphenylbismuth 2.CAS:603-33-8 3.usage:in normal temperature and pressure 4.Advantage:free sample

Maydos low VOC environment friendly chloroprene rubber Super strong rubber solution adhesive

Fast bonding speed, excellent and long lasting bonding power Super first-bonding power, good penetration property, fast dry.

melting adhesive film

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Ipartner 2014 Hot Selling contemporary hot melt adhesive for medical tape

strong adhesive,strong tensile strength contemporary hot melt adhesive for medical tape

PUR hot melt adhesive use for electronic component mobile phone touch screen / frame

PUR hot melt adhesive for Mobile phone touch screen 1)The widget soft glue paste 2)High quality ISO certification

Hot Melt Adhesive for Edge Sealing(Machine)

Hot-melt Adhesive for Edge Sealing(Machine) 1. Fast curing 2. Environmental-friendliness 3. Excellent banding

Cheap price thermal glue PE hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesive 1. Professional manufacturer 2. Competitive price 3. Non-poisonous 4. OEM service: available

Kafuter-5203 LED EVA hot melt adhesive

eva hot melt adhesive 1.white thixotropic elastomer,room cure 3.good in cold and hot tolerance 4.80g/tube