ldpe melt adhesive powder

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hot melt adhesive for door's edge banding SH30350

(1) Less filler (2) Fast melting (3) Lessused amount (4) High tensile strength

Hot-Sale High Quality Zhejiang Cheap Hot Melt Adhesive in China

1.Hot Melt Adhesive in China 2.Excellent fluidity, high adhesion properties 3.Can be used to high barrier composite bottle

Deli EVA type series hot melt adhesive for MDF edge banding

1,Suitable for all kinds of sanitary articles 2,No stimulate to skin 3,Faster solidify speed 4,Good heat resistance

eva melt adhesive

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Hot Melt Adhesive For Airfilter

Hot Melt adhesive for airfilter 1.Color : White 2.Appearance : Pellet 3.packing : 20Kgs (NET) Bag

Chinese hot melt granule manufacturer, hot melt adhesive for packing,hot melt glue for wood edge binding

1> Main Raw Material:eva, resin 2> Usage:Fiber & Garment, Packing, cartonbox sealing Brand 3> Packing: Carton box and pallet

Hot Melt Adhesive for Edge Sealing(Machine)

Hot-melt Adhesive for Edge Sealing(Machine) 1. Fast curing 2. Environmental-friendliness 3. Excellent banding

High Sale Hot Melt Adhesive for Coated paper

Hot Melt Adhesive for Coated paper 1.Excellent operating performance 2.Short setting time 3.excellent bonding strength