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Maydos low VOC environment friendly chloroprene rubber Super strong rubber solution adhesive

Fast bonding speed, excellent and long lasting bonding power Super first-bonding power, good penetration property, fast dry.

GIGA marble waterproof heat resistant tile adhesive

1.transparent marble granite stone adhesive 2.Middle modulus 3.High bonding strength and steady. 4.Weatherproof

SPRAYVAN 88 spray adhesive / fabric glue / floor glue

SPRAYVAN 88# spray adhesive / fabric / embroider / floor glue 1.Manufacturer 2.High-performance spray adhesive 3.Quick drying

ldpe melt adhesive powder

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PES Double side glue thermoplastic hot melt adhesive for transfer IN LOW PRICE AND GOOD QUALITY

1.Double side glue thermoplastic hot melt adhesive for transfer 2.Excellent fastness to wash 3.Pass OEKO TEX standard 100

EVA Based Hot Melt Adhesive for EPE Packaging

* 100% solid * Low odor, white granular * Environmental- and user-friendly * HS Code: 35069190

insulating glass structural silicone sealant joint sealant polyurethane hot melt adhesive

double component silicone construction sealant for insulating glass polyurethane hot melt adhesive

hot resistance APAO edge banding hot melt adhesive 82270

(1)Has good fluidity and wetting, (2)good adhesion and high softing point (3)suitable for automatic edge banding machine

conveyor belt cement repair hot melt adhesive

hot melt adhesive -Two component -Cold vulcanizing of conveyor belt -High bonding adhesive

melting adhesive film

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Woodworking Hot melt Adhesive For Edge Banding

Woodworking Hot melt Adhesive For edge banding 1.Woodworking profile wrapping adhesive 2.filler-free adhesive

Hot Melt Adhesive for Edge Sealing(Machine)

Hot-melt Adhesive for Edge Sealing(Machine) 1. Fast curing 2. Environmental-friendliness 3. Excellent banding

Hot melt adhesive & sealant for Electronic products

ZR102 adhesive & sealant is a room temperature/heating cured epoxy resin.

Hot Melt Adhesive For Carlamp

Hot melt adhesive for car head lamp

Cheap price thermal glue PE hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesive 1. Professional manufacturer 2. Competitive price 3. Non-poisonous 4. OEM service: available

Light color, Hot melt adhesive(HMA) use C5 Petroleum Resin

1.C5 Petroleum Resin for rubber 2.Solubility in various solvents 3.Good compatilty,hearting stability 4.Sofening and tackify

eva melt adhesive

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PES hot melt adhesive for fabrics lamination

hot melt adhesive can be used in fabric ,leather,PET,packing material bonding , flexibility fabrics fields,labels etc.

PU Polyurethane hot melt adhesive for auotmotive decoration and fabric lamination

Polyurethane,which has widely rigidity range,is low density,low melting point and soft texture.

PUR hot melt adhesive use for electronic component mobile phone touch screen / frame

PUR hot melt adhesive for Mobile phone touch screen 1)The widget soft glue paste 2)High quality ISO certification

Hot melt adhesive for bookbinding

Hot melt adhesive for bookbinding viscosity: 40-50 Mpa.s Jelly strength:80-280 Bloom