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271 Anaerobic Adhesive Sealant for Screw Thread Locker

1.seal and instant lock 2.with good thixotropic,medium viscosity, high strength,instant lock 3.for below M36 thread fastener

Hot Melt Adhesive for Edge Sealing(Machine)

Hot-melt Adhesive for Edge Sealing(Machine) 1. Fast curing 2. Environmental-friendliness 3. Excellent banding


Features: Top Co-polyester adhesive in my company. Excellent bonding strength

melting adhesive film

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881A hot melt adhesive for tape

Hot melt adhesive 1.Light color, good initial tack, 2.Excellent holding power &anti aging properties,

PUR hot melt adhesive use for electronic component mobile phone touch screen / frame

PUR hot melt adhesive for Mobile phone touch screen 1)The widget soft glue paste 2)High quality ISO certification

EVA Bookbinding Hot Melt Adhesive

Makro bookbinding hot melt are suitable for many bookbinding applications and materials. We have both spine and side adhesive.