aluminium foil coating primer

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Rust Converter and primer

ELASTO RUST CONGUARD is high performance coordination water base polymer for conversion of rust and then protection of metal.

Epoxy iron red primer

the paint film is firm, has chemical stable rust and antirust performance. Much more stand out antirust performance than the ant


Excellent protective and decorative coating to equipments, machinery etc.Widely used by metal construction manufacturers.

metal coating pigment

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Modified Epoxy Nonferrous Metal Primers

Modified Epoxy Nonferrous Metal Primers: 1,ISO9001 2,best quality and price 3,used as linking paint

Rust Converter and Primer - 5 gallon pail

Transforms Rust and Prevents Further Corrosion With Long-Lasting Water Vapor Inhibitors Salt Water Resistant No Sandblasting

Auto Refinish Paint 2k Metal Primer

2k metal primer 2plastic substrate 3Transparent primer 4Strong filling power 5mono-component transparent adhesive primer