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Polyurethane based varnish and paints (2 components)

Polyurethane based varnish and paints (2 components)

Two Component Polyurethane Adhesive Artificial Grass Installation Glue

1.Brand: QS PLASTIPOL SUPER CESPED 2.Application: Synthetic grass installation 3.Standard: FIFA 4.Packing: 11Kg (10+1)/5.5Kg


adhesive 1: factory direct 2: 10years experience, 3: competitive price, 4: high quality,

aluminium foil coating primer

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Long-lasting and Professional primer for metals paint at reasonable prices

* unparalleled resistance to cutting oil * anti-corrosive paint * made in japan

Epoxy iron red primer

the paint film is firm, has chemical stable rust and antirust performance. Much more stand out antirust performance than the ant

Rust Converter and primer

ELASTO RUST CONGUARD is high performance coordination water base polymer for conversion of rust and then protection of metal.

metal coating pigment

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red oxide metal primer

1.Rich experience in export red oxide metal primer 2.Good reputation in the industry 3.High quality stocks

PU802 primer for painting metal

1.Senior Member of Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce,R&D Manufacturer. 2.MOQ500 4.ISO9001,SGS 5.Lowest price 1.65-3

Car paint 2K Primer 4:1 Direct to Metal

Silver Sails DTM 2K 4:1primer 1)direct to metal 2)dry quickly 3)easiest primer to sand 4)super high build

anti scratch metal coating

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Suitable for application on columns and structures of fertilizer plants, chemical units .


Excellent protective and decorative coating to equipments, machinery etc.Widely used by metal construction manufacturers.

Caboli Colorful PVC Paint Primer

Made by silicone-acrylate emulsion, formed the natural colored sand and additives, strong adhesion.

CMILP022 Advanced exterior sealer paint salting-resistant & alkali-resistant sealing primer

Exterior wall paint primer. Antifouling, antimildew, anticorrosive, weather and chemical -resistance and waterproof function.

Zinc Phosphate primer

A high content of zinc and phosphorus. Low heavy metal.

metal park bench - steel ends, galvanized steel, hot dipped zinc primer

patio bench material: steel + cast aluminum ends size:1500*650*820mm surface treatment: hot dipped zinc,powder coating