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Primer & 1K-2K-single-layer coatings

Coating polypropylene plastic surfaces with primer or base coats without pre-treatment.

1K Primer Surfacer Auto Coating

1K Primer Surfacer Auto Coating 1.Fast Dry 2.Anti-yellowing 3.Easy to apply 4.Good gloss

Cement Primer Coating

Water Soluble Cement Primer for Pre Coating for Walls Available in White.

aluminium foil coating primer

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Adhesion enhancing Primer for Industrial Terrace coating

terrace coating 1.adhesive;natural dry; 2.chemical resistance,wearproof; 3.good fullness;high film thickness

water based epoxy primer coating

water based epoxy primer coating 1.protetion ,DIY wheel color 2.color:100 time:10days 4.Oem support

iron oxide yellow 313 red oxide metal primer

iron oxide yellow 313 red oxide metal primer quality at favourable prices sample 3.20000mt

Metal Basecoat Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer

Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer -Eco-friendly (Extremely Low VOC) -Fast Drying -Highly Durable -More Area Coverage

Auto Refinish Red Oxide Metal Primer

red oxide metal primer, manufacturer 1,1K nitrocellulose primer 2, fast dry, easy to polish 3, good adhesion, filling power

zinc rich powder coating primer

zinc powder coating 1 Excellent chemical resistance 2 Super mechanical property 3 Excellent flexibility 4 Free samples

metal coating pigment

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Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer Coating

Epoxy primer coating. Anti-corrosive.Excellent in mechanical property,adhesion,conductivity and protective effect on cathode.

Industrial Protective Coating - Zinc Chromate QD Primer (Quick Dry)

* Solvent based quick drying primer * Protective, adhesion and durability * For protection and base coat

Auto Refinish Paint Metal Primer

1Fast dry car paint 2plastic substrate 3Transparent primer 4Strong filling power 5mono-component transparent adhesive primer

Metal primer Paint

It's used to protect metal surface against corrosion, rust. This is primer layer for metal before finishing

Modified Epoxy Nonferrous Metal Primers

Modified Epoxy Nonferrous Metal Primers: 1,ISO9001 2,best quality and price 3,used as linking paint

wall art primer paint for metal liquid metal coating reflective spray paint

1. reflective spray paint 2. High quality acrylic paint for children to draw 3. Brilliant color, speed dry, color

anti scratch metal coating

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Rust Converter and primer

ELASTO RUST CONGUARD is high performance coordination water base polymer for conversion of rust and then protection of metal.

AD-S616 General Water-based Anti-corrosive Primer for Metal Surface

dispersant is water, non-inflammable and inexplosive, does not contain benzene,formaldehyde and heavy metal,eco-friendly.

Epoxy Antirust Primer,metal paint,epoxy primer

1.good leveling&quality 2.high gloss,energy-efficient&high-utilization

high quanlity pu primer coating made in Hebei Cuishi

1. advanced technology and rich experience 2.pass TS/16949:2002 ISO9001:2000

spray paint primer for metal

Recommended Model: G2 Interior Semi-gloss Acrylic Paint Please visit our website for more products you need.

Spray Paint: H-260 Two Pack Primer

Spray Paint: Two Pack Primer with strong adhesion 1. Easily sand and excellent fullness 2. fine and smooth