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natural diuron 80%wp agricultural grass herbicides

natural diuron 80%wp agricultural grass herbicides 1)Herbicide 2)High quality and low price. 3)ISO9001.ISO140

Glyphosate 480g/l SL, roundup ammonium salt, 75.7% SG, TC,agrochemicals Herbicide 1071-83-96

Glyphosate 480g/l sl,41% IPA roundup Glyphosate ammonium salt Glyphosate 68% , 75.7% SG, TC Factory direct and high quality

Paraquat 20% SL herbicides/weedicides, agrochemicals/pesticide

1.Paraquat 42%TC, 20% SL 27.6% SL 2.Package:200L Drum; 100L Drum; 20L... 3.Leading Paraquat supplier 4. CAS No.: 1910-42-5

metribuzin tc

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Metribuzin 70%WP - selective Herbicides/Weedicides,agrochemicals

Selective Herbicides/Weedicides, Agrochemicals Best selling products with good price!

Metribuzin 95%Tech,70%WP,70%WDG, 48%SC, 21087-64-9

Metribuzin 95%Tech,70%WP,70%WDG, 48%SC, 21087-64-9 Professional design label, box,carton Good quality and reasonable price

High quality herbicide Metribuzin 70 % WP 70%WDG 480g/l SC 97%TC

1.Reliable pesticides supplier in China with customized packing 2.Superior Service and fast delivery 3.Sample are available

Metribuzin / 21087-64-9

Metribuzin is a selective systemic herbicide.

Metribuzin 95%TC;70% WP;70%WDG;48%SC CAS No.: 21087-64-9 agrochemicals Herbicide

Metribuzin 95%TC;70% WP;70%WDG;48%SC CAS No.: 21087-64-9 agrochemicals Herbicide

metribuzin tech

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herbicide metribuzin 95% - 97%TC, 70%WP,70%WDG

herbicide metribuzin 95% -97%TC metribuzin 70%WP,70%WDG

Agricultural products distributors herbicide Metribuzin

Agricultural products distributors herbicide Metribuzin 1. TC WP WDG 2. GREAT QUALITY 3. BEST PRICE 4. HERBICIDE

Agrochemical Herbicide Metribuzin 70%WP

1.Metribuzin 70%WP,95%TC,97%TC,70%WDG 2.Systemic selective herbicide 3.Quick delivery and competitive price

Metribuzin 70%WDG, Metribuzin 70%WG

1. Metribuzin 70%WDG (Metribuzin 70%WG) 2. Chinese Manufacturer of pesticide formulations Metribuzin

metribuzin 70%wp

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Top quality metribuzin 95%Tech, 75%WDG, 70% WP, 48%SC,50% WP

1.high quality 2.competitive price shipment service



Good quality Metribuzin 70% WP, Herbicide, CAS: 21087-64-9

1. 1,2,4-triazinone herbicide. 2. Selective systemic herbicide. 3. Good quality herbicide. 4. CAS: 21087-64-9 5. 70%wp

Metribuzin 97%TC, 70 % WP, 70%WDG, 480g/l SC, 75%DF

It is a selective triazine herbicide which inhibits photosynthesis of susceptible plant species.

Widely use high quality Herbicide Metribuzin

1.Metribuzin herbicide 2.Formulation:Metribuzin 95% TC,70% WP, 70% WDG 3.Leading Metribuzin supplier 4.Customerized Packing