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Metribuzin 70%WP - selective Herbicides/Weedicides,agrochemicals

Selective Herbicides/Weedicides, Agrochemicals Best selling products with good price!

Metribuzin 70%WDG, Metribuzin 70%WG

1. Metribuzin 70%WDG (Metribuzin 70%WG) 2. Chinese Manufacturer of pesticide formulations Metribuzin


Can be widely used for soy, potato, tomato, sugar cane, asparagus, pineapple and other crops, control of broad-leaved weeds

High quality herbicide Metribuzin 70 % WP 70%WDG 480g/l SC 97%TC

1.Reliable pesticides supplier in China with customized packing 2.Superior Service and fast delivery 3.Sample are available

herbicide metribuzin 95% - 97%TC, 70%WP,70%WDG

herbicide metribuzin 95% -97%TC metribuzin 70%WP,70%WDG

Metribuzin 95%Tech,70%WP,70%WDG, 48%SC, 21087-64-9

Metribuzin 95%Tech,70%WP,70%WDG, 48%SC, 21087-64-9 Professional design label, box,carton Good quality and reasonable price

metribuzin tech

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Herbicide Metribuzin 480g/l sc, 95% tc

1.95%TC,70% WP, 70% WDG, 480 g/L SC 2.Packing is as customer requirements 3.Manufacturer Factory supplier 4.competitive price

herbicide metribuzin 95%tc,70%wp,75%wp,480g/l sc,cas:21087-64-9 -lq

1,cas:21087-64-9 2,TECH is light yellow solid 3, suction selective herbicides

Raw material herbicide Metribuzin 95%TC 70%WDG

Raw material herbicide Metribuzin 95%TC 70%WDG 1. TC WP WDG 2. GREAT QUALITY 3. BEST PRICE 4. HERBICIDE

metribuzin 35~75%wdg

1.Emperical Formula: C8H14N4OS 2.Molecular Weight: 214.3 3.97%TC,70%WP,35~75%WDG,480G/L SC,50% 4.Caz :31087-64-9

Metribuzin(Herbicide, agrochemical)95%TC; 70% WP

95%TC; 70% WP Good quality at competitive price Delivery

metribuzin 70%wp

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Metribuzin 70%WP

we produce Metribuzin 70%WP many years.

Metribuzin 70%WDG

1.Long validity. 2.Low toxicity . 3.Good Reputation in China . 4.Reasonable price with satisfied service.

Metribuzin herbicide/metribuzin 70% wp21087-64-9

*Metribuzin 70% wp *Off-white powder *Also metribuzin 75% WDG *Factory direct *Metribuzin herbicide


Metribuzin CAS No.: 21087-64-9 Pesticide