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Carbaryl 85%WP 35%WP 50%WP

1,Carbaryl 85%WP 35%WP 50%WP 2,Carbaryl 85%WP 35%WP 50%WP

Iprodione 50%WP

Iprodione is a dicarboximide contact fungicide used to control a wide variety of crop diseases.


Mancozeb can be used in fruit trees, vegetable, and field crops. It can be applied for the efficiently control of downy mildew.

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Metribuzin(Herbicide, agrochemical)95%TC; 70% WP

95%TC; 70% WP Good quality at competitive price Delivery


Good quality High cost-effective Pressional registration FAO standard or equivalent

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Fungicide - Mancozeb 80%WP, agrochemicals, Dithane M-45

Agrochemicals/Fungicides Mancozeb is a broad spectrum protectant fungicide White color powder

Paraquat (-dichloride) 200g/l SL /paraquat herbicide /herbicides products

Paraquat herbicides *liquid wdg *Paraquat Good price by factory direct and large volume *High quality, *Fast delively

Insecticides Spinosad/Pleocidin /Spinosyn 90%TC

Insecticides Spinosad/Pleocidin /Spinosyn 90%TC

Agrichemical Herbicide Price Glyphosate 95% TC, 50% SP, 41% IPA Salt SL

1. Glyphosate 95% TC, 50% SP, 41% IPA Salt SL 2. Non-selective systemic herbicide 3. High quality and competitive price

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