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Glyphosate 95% Agricultural Herbicide

Glyphosate 95% agricultural herbicide Full quantity:212L/216L Inner calibre:30.5 200L plastic barrel Material:HDPE

Reasonable Price of Paraquat 42% Tech/TK in herbicide

Paraquat -Best quality & competitive price -SGS testing report available -Meet FAO standard -Customized package

metribuzin tc

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CAS NO.21087-64-9 Herbicide 95% TC Metribuzin

Metribuzin High active herbicide We can pack it according to buyer requirement. High quality Competitive price.

Metribuzin 97%TC, 70 % WP, 70%WDG, 480g/l SC, 75%DF

It is a selective triazine herbicide which inhibits photosynthesis of susceptible plant species.

weedicid/ herbicide metribuzin/sencor price 95% tc

Name:weedicid/ herbicide metribuzin/sencor 95% tc CAS number. 74223-64-6 Strong Registration Support

tech grade and preparation grade Metribuzin

Metribuzin CAS No: 21087-64-9 EINECS No: 244-209-7 Molecular formula: C8H14N4OS Molecular weight: 214.288

High Quality Herbicide Metribuzin 97% TC, 480 G/LSC Supplier

1 High quality herbicide 2 Atrazine TC SC WPMetribuzin 97% TC, 480 G/LSC 3 FAO Standard 4 Professional Package

metribuzin tech

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herbicide metribuzin 95% - 97%TC, 70%WP,70%WDG

herbicide metribuzin 95% -97%TC metribuzin 70%WP,70%WDG

Metribuzin 480SC 95%Tech,70%WDG,Herbicide, pesticides ,21087-64-9

Metribuzin 480SC 95%Tech,70%WDG,Herbicide, pesticides ,21087-64-9 Registration support Timely delivery

Metribuzin 75% WDG 50%.70%WP

Metribuzin is selective triazine herbicide used for control of annual grasses and numerous broadleaf weeds in field and vegetabl

herbicide metribuzin 70

1.Emperical Formula: C8H14N4OS 2.Molecular Weight: 214.3 3.97%TC,70%~75%WP,35~75%WDG,480G/L SC,50% 4.Caz :31087-64-9

Metribuzin / 21087-64-9

Metribuzin is a selective systemic herbicide.

agrochemicals Herbicide Metribuzin 95%TC; 70% WP; 70%WDG; 48%SC 21087-64-9

agrochemicals Herbicide Metribuzin 95%TC; 70% WP; 70%WDG; 48%SC 21087-64-9

metribuzin 70%wp

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Herbicide Metribuzin/Sencor/Lexone 95%TC(CAS No.21087-64-9 )

1.Product:Metribuzin/Sencor/Lexone 2.Purity:95%TC 3.Usage:herbicides/weedicides


Metribuzin CAS No.: 21087-64-9 Pesticide

Metribuzin 70%WP,95%Tech, Herbicide 21087-64-9

Metribuzin 70%WP Factory direct High Quality Professional label&packing design for you

Herbicide Metribuzin , 50%/70%WP , 70%WDG CAS No:21087-64-9

1.Herbicide Metribuzin 50%/70%WP , 70%WDG CAS No:21087-64-9 2.competitive price with considerate service 3.prompt delivery

Metribuzin 70%WP

we produce Metribuzin 70%WP many years.

Sencor/Metribuzin(Herbicide, agrochemical) 70%, 75% WDG

Metribuzin(Herbicide, agrochemical) 70%, 75% WDG 1.low price and good quality 2.promptly delivery service