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High Quality Kitchen Microwave Oven

1.Famous brand compressor 2.Superior quality 3.CE certificate

High speed Commercial microwave oven, Heavy-duty

High speed Commercial microwave oven, Heavy-duty 30lt high performance made of stainless steelbody

Microwave Oven 20L Tristar

Microwave Oven 20L | Tristar MW2705 - View our whole catalogue of microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances

2015 new 2000w power ss microwave oven

Double-microwave input makes the food heated fast and uniformly. 2. Distinctive microwave design, metal cookware are suitable f

NE-12523 1,200 Watt Microwave Oven Pro Series

NE-12523 1,200 Watt Microwave Oven Pro Series

Stainless Steel Industrial Microwave Oven

Industrial Microwave Oven: 1.Quick 2.Heating evenly 3.Energy-saving and higly-effecient 4.Stainless steel

microwave use plastic container

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convection microwaves/microwave grill

convection microwaves/microwave grill certificates:CE,FCC/IC,FDA,ROHS,PSE has Triple Power Options can use in home,car,etc

portable mini microwave oven car microwave ovens

portable mini microwave oven 1) certificates:CE,FCC/IC,FDA,ROHS,PSE 2) has Triple Power Options 3) can use in home,car,outs

Home Use Microwave Oven with GS/EMC/RoHS

Home Use Microwave Oven with GS/EMC/RoHS Digital control panel silver outlook

microwave use pouch

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MWO magnetron-2M219J-920 air cooled,950w home use magnetron

Magnetron with 900W Average Output Power, OEM Factory and Replacement, Weighs 810g

Multifunctional halogen convection oven for home use

halogen convection oven 1.Easy to cook 2.Easy to clean 3.Multifunctional cooker 4.CE,GS,RoHS

25L home/commercial used microwave oven with GS/EMC/RoHS/SAA

25L(0.9 cu. Ft) Cavity Size Microwave Power output: 1000W Designed for Commercial Use

1000w microwave oven use

1000w microwave oven use Low door temperature:<50C Easy clean technology Low noise level:<40dB High cooking

plastic round storage box for microwave use

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Useful Micro Grill

Micro grill, 1.Microwave Products, 2.Cook in microwave , 3.Provide you fast,easy and safe preparation of dilicious meals.

retro style home use digital control 20L red color mocrowave oven

macrowave oven 1.20L control 3.freestanding 4.many color to chose

digital microwave

digital microwave 1. certificates:CE,FCC/IC,FDA,ROHS,PSE 2. has Triple Power Options 3. can use in home,car,outside etc

Home Use Microwave Oven with GS/EMC/RoHS/ETL/SAA

Home Use Microwave Oven with 1. 6 Power Levels 2.30 Minute Kitchen timer set

43L Mechanical Microwave Oven with GS/EMC/RoHS/SAA

1.43-liter Capacity 2.Microwave 1000 Watt Maximum Power Output 3.6 microwave power levels

September AOT-F906 Multifunction Microwave Home Use Nuwave Oven

Nuwave Oven 1. Multifuction oven. 2. Saving time and energy. 3. Variable temperature control (up to 250degrees C)