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Corn plastic10 digit LCD display solar energy battery power pocket calculator

1,10 digit LCD calculator 2,Dual power-battery and solar power 3,Custom color 4,Unit size:120*62*8mm 5,Material:corn plastic

calculator and name card holder

calendar, clock, calculator, alarm clock, photo frame,

mini desktop motherboard

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solar desktop calculator solar mini calculator clear plastic calculator

1:solar desktop calculator 2:solar mini calculator 3:clear plastic calculator 4:10 digits calculator 5:Corn plastic

low price mini calculator & desk calendar calculator

8 Digit Solar Calculator 1.digits desktop calculator 2.Style: General Purpose Calculator 3.item size :156*86*9mm

Hot sales 8 digit desktop calculator for promotion

Hot sales 8 digit desktop calculator for promotion desktop calculator 2.8 digit calculator 3.professional manufacture