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Fe-based nanocrystalLINE ribbon

Fe-based nanocrystalLINE ribbon,high initial permeability and saturated magnetic induction,excellent stability and low iron loss

Ndfeb block magnet of N45

new production line,with good production goverment and long year experiences and technology on ferrite magnet, reasonable prices

coreless motor magnet

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voice coil motor magnet

1.Any Shape/Grade/Coating 2.Specialize in big size,better consistency 3.US Patent/ISO 9001:2008/REACH/RoHS 4.Since 1994

Neodymium Motor Magnets

1. Original manufacture 2. High quality and reasonable price 3. Customized size and various grade 4. Multi coating available

Hot sale strong neodymium motor magnets security tag magnet

permanent magnetic bar small order accept 10 years production skills 4-year exporting experience quick lead time

motor magnet brushless

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Segment Ndfeb magnet for motor magnet

Moto magnet 1. High Coercive Force 2. 80-200 centigrade working temp. 3. Precise Tolerance 4. OEM

NdFeB Permanent Motor Magnets

NdFeB Motor Magnets 1) High quality consistency 2) Excellent anti-corrosion property 3) SST: 48/72 hours 4) Low weight loss

Neodymium Electric Motor Magnet

1.neodymium electric motor magnet 2.material:neodymiun-iron-boron 3.ISO9001:2008TS16949:2009 4.accept trial order

China Starter /Step/Dc Neodymium Motor Magnet,Arc Magnet

motor magnet N35sh Br>11.8mT Hcj>1592KA/M, HK/Hcj>97% Flux density consistency>98% Nickel coating>72 hours