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2014 Hottest Professional hydraulic motion 6 chair 5D Cinema movie

Have 14 years experience, got the CE certification,send 88 movies to you for free,with snow,rain,bubble,wind,light,fog,fire,etc.

elegant fountain people image fountain movie and laser fountain

1.use in the large landscaping project:bridge and rockery,etc. 2.stainless pipes 3. LED lamp 4. pump 380V 50HZ 5.QS9001 CE

5d cinema equipment latest China 5d cinema movies 5d movies - films for sale

China 5d cinema 1. 3d/5d/7d/9d/xd system 2. 12 effect machine 3. 100+ movies for free 4. reply with 24 working hours

Hot sale 5D cinema simulator equipment , 5D theater 7D movies for sale

5D cinema 5D theater, 1. With newest movies and motion chair 2.Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Electronic system 3. with CE

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Laser Light Water Screen Movie

Laser water screen movie: 1. Stainless steel 2. Design, construction 3. Can be displayed at plaza, river, lake

Mini Movie 3D,4D,5D,6D,7D Theater System

1.Could finish the installation urgently 2.Power:220V/380V, 3/6 DOF 3.Effects:Snow,Rain,Wind,Flash,Air/water spray,shake other

5D cinema 5D simulator 3D movies

5D cinema 5D simulator 3D movies 1.5d movies 2.all kinds of special effects available 3.hydraulic motion seats with 6 DOF

2/3/4/6/8/9/12 Seats 6d of 12 special effects 9d 7d cinema movie

5d 7d 9d 12d cinema 1.Hydraulic motion platform 2.More special effects 3.Many colors and styles to choose 4.CE approved