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Stick Bar Neodymium Magnet N35

Strong NdFeB magnets 1) High quality consistency 2) Excellent anti-corrosion property 3) SST: 48/72 hours 4) Low weight

216pcs per set N35 5mm sphere neodymium magnet

5mm sphere neodymium magnet Ni, black-Ni, Gold, colorful.. CE certified, Diameter: 5mm, Normal size (125pcs/set + 216pcs/set

N35 Dia12x1.5mm neodymium flat round magnets

N35 flat round magnets 1.High Coercive Force. 2.HIgh Working Temp. 3.Precise Tolerance 4.Coating Epoxy

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Factory OEM n35 magnet strong Sintered ndfeb magnet

magnetic door 1, Sintered ndfeb magnet 2, OEM and EXW 3, Certification: ISO9001 UKAS and SGS SoHS Test

Golden Coating N35 Magnet

Golden Coating N35 Magnet High quality consistency Excellent anti-corrosion property SST:48/72 hours Low weight loss

strong permanent neodymium ring magnet N35

ring magnet N35 high performance raw material Customized size professional factory strong force

N35 NdFeB Magnet with Zn, Ni, or others plated Dia 20*8.6mm

N35 NdFeB magnet Performance: N35-N52, SH Shape: Block, Cylinder, Rings,Customize; Plated: NiCuNi, Zinc, others; Safty.

High Performance N35 Rare Earth Magnets

High Performance N35 Rare Earth Magnets 1.strong magnetic force. 2.reasonable price 3.saving energy

18x10x1.5mm Block ndfeb magnet N35

1.18x10x1.5mm Block ndfeb magnet 2.Material:Ndfeb Magnet 3.Certificate:ISO9001,CE,ROHS,SGS 4.Attractive in price and quality

n35 magnet neodymium

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neodymium n35 magnets

neodymium n35 magnets 1.High intensity, various shapes. 2.Grade: N35-N52,(M,H,SH,UH,EH) 3.Platings:Ni,Zn

Made in China Manufacturer & Factory $ Supplier High Quality N35 Magnet

N35 Magnet Magnet Grade : From N35 to N52 Size: From 1mm to 220mm Competitive price+short time delivery

ISO/TS 16949 and RoHS Certificated Strong Standard Neodymium N35 Magnets

10 years in manufacturing NdFeB magnets and assemblies; Supply for Siemens Ltd Australia,GM.BENTLEY and REGA BELOIT in Europe;

super strong sintered n35 magnet

super strong sintered n35 magnet 1.ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 2.Materials:NdFeB 3.Coating:Ni,Zn,NiCuNi,Silver,etc

Neodymium N35 Magnet/N35 NdFeB Magnet

N35 Magnet 1, Custom-made dimension 2, Strong pull force 3, High quality & low price 4, RoHS/EN71/ISO/REACH

High standard hot sale Golden Coating N35 Magnet

1. Excellent quality ISO 9001:2008,TUV 2. Competiitve price 3. Fast delivery 4. Superior customer service 5. Since 1992

n35 magnet + rare earth magnets

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ndfeb n35 magnet

ndfeb n35 magnet 1.Superior performance 2.Superior quality 3.Superior delivery

rare earth cylinder ndfeb magnet , N35 magnet ,strong round magnet

Cylinder NdFeB Magnet 1) High quality consistency 2) Excellent anti-corrosion property 3) Material:Neodymium-Iron-Boron

ndfeb n35 magnets

1. the most powerful commercialized permanent magnets 2.Professional Manufacturer of Magnets 3.Chengdu Amoeba Magnetic Co.

Low cost guaranteed quality useful ndfeb n35 magnet

ndfeb n35 magnet 1,Senior factory in magnetic materials 2 Established time:2003 3 ISO9001:2008

Permanent magnet block n35 magnet

Permanent block n35 magnet 1.The strongest magnets 2.Various shapes available 3.Average 7 days lead time 4.Approved RoHS

NEODYMIUM N35 magnets

NEODYMIUM N35 magnets Super Strong and Permanent Manufactured in full compliance with ISO standards

n35 magnet neocube

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N35 Magnet

Strong Neodymium magnet Welcome to OEM ISO9001:2008 Certificate Magnet supplier of Ametek, Mitsumi, Mitotuyo,Tesla.etc

neodymium N35 magnets / neodymium magnets N35

neodymium N35 magnets / neodymium magnets N35: Neodymium rare earth magnet; RoHS, REACH, ISO9001; Competitive prices.

CJ MAG Neodymium Strong N35 Magnets

Neodymium Magnet: a): Magnet for industries.Low weight loss b): Grade reach N52,N38EH c): Coating: Ni,NICUNI, Zn,Silver,epoxy

N35 Magnet

N35 Retangular Magnet 1.Grade:N35-N52 2.Shape and size:depend on your drawings. 3.Coating:Zn,NicuNi,etc.

high quality n35 magnet wholesale

1. 8 years exportation experence 2. Quality first - Competitive price 3. Short lead time 4. Products have ROHS license

Small thin round neodim N35 magnets high quality

Ndfeb magnet 1.Grade:N30~N52,(M,H,SH,UH,EH) 2.Plating:Ni,Zn,Au,Ag,Epoxy,Passivated,etc