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High hardness(9H) toughened glass heat insulation coating Manufacture AGH-020

1.Toughened glass ciating 2.Heat insulation coating 3.UV rejected >=95% 4.High hardness of 9H 5.For building, vehical glass

Nasiol SHBC Superhydrophobic Nano Coating

Superhydrophobic nano coating for indsutrial use on any surface. Two part system gives all surfaces superhydropohicity.

paint protection pvc film

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Titanium dioxide rutile manufacturers titanium dioxide paint protection

titanium dioxide paint protection: 1. Excellent whiteness 2. Excellent dispersibility 3. Excellent weatherability 4. Hig

Invisible protection, and easy cleaning for external automotive surfaces

The Nano4- Car Protect nano-particles seal and protect the surface of the car so that particles such as insects, dirt and grime

EINECS No.215-280-1 titanium dioxide paint protection

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) 1. Alias: Titanium Oxide 2. CAS No.:1317-80-2 3. Purity: 93% - 98% 4. Fatory outlet and high quality