natural manure fertilizer

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100% natural chicken manure

100% natural chicken manure 1.Improve the soil 2.Increase yield,improve quality

Natural Manure

Humic acid for fertilizer 1.Improve seed germination 2.Replenish depleted soils 3.Enhance nutrient uptake 4.Increase yields

Natural Organic Manures

Natural organic Manures 1.Have good effect on improving the soil. 2.A wide source of raw materials and large quantities.

phosphate guano fertilizer, 100% natural manure

phosphate guano fertilizer, 100% natural manure 1.100% pure natural organic fermentation chicken manure

manure ball press

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1 Low EC Agricultural Cocopeat 2 Agriculture 3 Horticulture 4 Indoor / Outdoor Gardens 5 Fertilizers

SEEK nature safe organic manure replaced by bamboo organic fertilizer

High organic matters with NPK Rich soil organisms Improve soil fertility and vitality Increase yields IMO&USDA approved

natural cow dung manure

sir, we are a cow dung supplier i want business with good buyer we are suppling by lorry load... 99% cow dung 1% paddy straw

manure boiler

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Natural Manure

100 % Natural dairy Manure, heat treaded, packed in 25,20,10 KG Spcification Organic Matter 50-60


The product is made of natural agricultural products like paddy straw,chicken manure,bhakas etc, it has high water absorbtion.