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organic aescinate sodium with 98% aescin

1.aescinate sodium 2.Active Ingredients: Aescin 3.Specification :20%--98% Aescin 4.Best price with high quality

Lyphar Provide Organic Artemisinin

1. Organic Artemisinin 2. Artemisinin 99% 3. GMP Factory 4. Sample available 5. Fast delivery

Hairui high quality organic borneol camphor

1. Organic and pure 2. Quality first & competitive price 3. Heart to heart service 4. OEM/ODM

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EP750/3 conveyor belt

EP750/3 conveyor belt1.DIN standard etc;2.natural rubber;3.EP, NN, steel cord4.3years working life.

EP600/3 conveyor belt

EP600/3 conveyor belt1.DIN standard etc;2.natural rubber;3.EP, NN, steel cord4.3years working life.

natural manure fertilizer

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100% Natural Green Water Soluble bulk potassium organic manure

1)99% solubility 2)Total humic extract 80% 3)Fulvic acid 10% 4)Enhances the crop in size, weight, color and taste

Natural Coir pith Manure Available...

The Coir Pith Organic Manure offered by us, is decomposed and is suitable for all soil and crops. It is environment friendly man

Natural Organic Manures

Natural organic Manures 1.Have good effect on improving the soil. 2.A wide source of raw materials and large quantities.

SEEK nature safe organic manure replaced by bamboo organic fertilizer

High organic matters with NPK Rich soil organisms Improve soil fertility and vitality Increase yields IMO&USDA approved

Seaweed organic manure with amino & humic acid

1.Seaweed organic manure with amino & humic acid 2.Produced from Kelp seaweed & other nuture materials 3.Can produce OEM specs

High efficiency and Small Footprint Dry Chicken Manure/chicken manure rotary dryer supplier

Chicken Manure rotary dryer : 1.Wearable,High Efficiency 2.Low Maintenance 3.Low Energy Consumption 4.fine workmanship

manure ball press

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Fermented chicken manure : organic NPK 4-3-3+OM50%

Fermented chicken manure : organic NPK 4-3-3+OM50% 1.100% nature green fertilizer 2.50% organic matter npk elements

neem cake manure

We Offer Brown Neem Cake Manure - Eco Friendly , 100% Natural Manure cake - Ready Stocks - On time Delivery

organic soil manure

1. No harsh chemicals, 2. child &pet safe, 3. natural non-toxic process, 4. less composting period.

bacterial manure

Bacterial manure Our company have many kinds of ferliser including organic ,composed,concontrolled and release,for fungus

Biological organic bacterial manure

1.A natural bio fertilizer 2.Adjust soil,Improve salinization 3.Promote crops disease-resistant 4.Increase production 20-30%

manure boiler

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Organic Neem Manure

Extraction Method: Cold Press single Oil Percentage: 7 to 8 Form: Cake & Powder

Amino Acid Manure for Agriculture

Amino Acid Manure for Agriculture Organic Fertilizer,Increase in Yield Competitive & reliable price Soil conditioner

Huminrich Shenyang Brand Refined Leonardite Source Bio Organic Manure

SH9001-1 Mineral Rich in Humus Humic Acid Powder Humic Acid(dry basis):50% Organic matter(dry basis):65% MOQ:3MT 3 weeks del

cow dung dryer chicken manure 2-300t/h - Yufeng Brand

This dryer can dry many kinds of materials which contain moisture, such as coal, coal slurry, slag, industrial waste, and clay


ORGANIC MANURE. Neem Cake is the by-product obtained in the process of cold pressing of Neem fruits and kernels.

organic natural manure

We are engaged in export of Organic Manure.100 % natural. We can provide large quantities of livestock manure.