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Wireless Surface-Mount Ultrasonic Detector

Install on the ground of every parking space to collect parking data and pass the data to wireless sensor ZCU.

Wireless Magnetic and Optical Sensor Occupancy Detection Parking Space Detector

1. magnetic and optic 2. Can detect the high height vehicle( >80cm) such as SUV, 4WD cars,etc 3. IP 68 4.accuracy 99%

navigation wireless camera

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Wireless Navigator For Car Fleet Management And Tracking By Realtime

Door Trigger/ACC Detection/Pulse Speed Detection GPS Antenna/ External Power Cut Alarm Arm & Disarm by Wireless Remote Control

Wireless Navigator Find Parking

Install wireless magnetic detector at every parking space to get parking information by the detection of the geomagnetic

GPS Navigator + Wireless Car Rearview System

GPS Navigator + Wireless Car Rearview System 1.150 degrees angle 2.4.3 inch screen 3.Key and touch panel 4.Bluetooth