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1 glass shelf for vegetable box refrigerator

Combine refrigerator and freezer * Energy saving and low noise * Antibiotic and super quiet *Interior light in refrigerator

salad refrigerator SW903 with curved glass

Salad refrigerator 1.304 stainless steel 2.Famous brand compressor 3.Static/ventilated cooling system 4.European design

refrigerator glass

1. No frost design 2.LED display 3.Class A+ 4. Mirror, Sliver, Red, black color optional

50L mini car refrigerator

efficient refrigeration sysytem with frequency conversion compressor PU insulating layer is CFC free car freezer

40L hotel room refrigerator

1.No compressor,No noise when working, 2.micro-computer controlling the temperature door

Solar Refrigerator Freezer

1, A+++ energy efficiency class 2, Fast cooling due to compressor speed control 3, Freezer runs on a 70 4, Made in Germany

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Refrigerator system 12v 24v van absorption refrigeration system

absorption refrigeration system1.Reasonable price,2. 3 year warranty3. more cooling,low noise

absorption refrigeration machine

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noiseless absorption refrigerator

1. No frost design 2.LED display 3.Class A+ 4. Mirror, Sliver, Red, black color optional

NEW MODEL! 30L hotel room noiseless absorption refrigerator

absorptioin cooling black 0-8 celsius degree 420*400*480mm lock for option.CE,CB

Jiaxing YiLang YLSC-32 Noiseless Absorption Refrigerator 32L With Glass Door

noiseless absorption refrigerator Low noisy Thick insulation

XC-40BC noiseless absorption refrigerator compressor, no mechanical movements 2. environmental friendly 3.4-12 C under the ambient temperature 25C 4.CE,RoHs

High quality and long lifespan absorption mini refrigerators

Absorption mini refrigerators 1.Absorption technology. 2.Noiseless 3.No vibrantion 4. 5 years warranty

3-way Diffusion Absorption Refrigerator XCD-240

1No refrigerant, environmental friendly 2Without any pollution 3Gas&Kerosene&Electric operated refrigerator

absorption refrigerator and freezer

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all color noiseless absorption refrigerator discount

Type of appliance :Freestanding or Built-in Cooling system:Automatic Energy saving ! Power:60W Voltage:220V/110V/12V

gas absorption refrigerator XCD-225

No noise operationFully adjustable shelvesFront mounted controlsVegetable/fruit binCE certification

40L silence glass door mini absorption refrigerator

30L silence glass door mini absorption refrigerator cooling style:mix ammonia gas noiseless very good quality CE approval

Black & Tempered glass Absorption Minibar refrigerator

noiseless function,no moving parts,non-vibrating energy efficient and environment friendly suitable for hotel and guest rooms

40L Absorption type hotel minibar refrigerator

40L Absorption type hotel minibar refrigerator -Absorption cooling -No compressor, no freon, noiseless !

absorption refrigerator with hot water

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XC-25A absorption minibar

1)no compressor,no noise 2)100% Freon free,automatic defrost 3)With LED light

32L reversible door LED light noiseless absorption refrigerator

No compressor, environmental protection, no noise when working,full seal design without needs to add refrigerant for whole life

XCD-240 noiseless Absorption refrigerator

1,no freon, no pollution compressor,no noise 3.long lifetime

XC-25AA noiseless absorption refrigerator compressor, no noise Freon, environment friendly 3.0-8 degree under the ambient temperature 25aa 4.CE,RoHs

Mini Absorption Refrigerator

absorption refrigerator for beverage & hotelElectronic thermostatClimate Class: N