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12mm width hot resistant stainless steel fibre woven glass making fabric tape

wovened by 100% 316L stainless steel fibre, width 12mm, non defect within 10 metres, hot resistant,glass making fabric tape

Environmental ACF activated carbon manufacturing filters plant

These filters are the ideal solution to combat pollutants such as: Organic compounds, dioxin, ammonium and organic amines

Activated Carbon Fiber Felt (ACF)

Activated carbon fiber felt(ACF) 1.huge adsorption 2.high velocity 3.filtration Benzene and TVOC 4.acid alkaline resistance

non-woven activated carbon cloth

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[YULI Nonwoven]activated carbon fiber felt

1 needle punch fabric 2 material:polyester,wool, cotton,pp 3 weight:50-1200gsm 4 width:20-350cm 5 certificate: ISO ,SGS ,

Supply activated carbon felt

activated carbon felt 1.a good adsorption 2.higher air permeability 4.Large dust capacity 3.SGS

activated carbon alike felt or cloth

1.activated carbon filter mesh for air purification 2. Good adsorption ability; 3. Higher air permeability; 4. SGS

non-woven activated carbon felt

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Non-woven fabric felt compounded with activated carbon

1. High activated canbon content 2. Great absorbing capacity 3. Non-toxic and odorless 4. SGS, RoHS approval

filter needle felt non woven for truck

spunbonded non woven fabric 1.filtration efficiency: 95-98% 2.Low resistance and high dust capacity

Non-Woven Activated Carbon Fiber felt

NON-WOVEN ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER CLOTH Airdot activated carbon fiber felt has exeptional adsporption potential and is eco-fri

carbon fiber felt (heat insulation)

Carbon fiber felt ISO9001 1heat-insulation material 2 fire point :500 degree 3 factory, 4 raw material :viscose fiber

Activated Carbon felt

Activated Carbon felt 1.High efficiency absorption 2.High-carbon amount 3.ISO manufacturer

high quality active carbon non-woven felt

1. active carbon non-woven felt 2. Good adsorption ability; 3. Higher air permeability; 4. SGS