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DNV 2.7 High Quality offshore accommodation modules for sale

1, offshore accommodation modules for sale 2, DNV 2.7, EN 12079 and ABS certificate

Easy Install and Durable House Module

1. Easy and fast to Install 2. Dismantable 3. Very cheap to ship 4. Well insulated 5. Earthquake proof

Anti Earthquake Durable Prefabricated Toilet Module

Toilet Module High Quality Rockwool Panel and Galvanized Steel Frame Fireproof Waterproof

Beautiful well-designed high-qualified prefab house modules

1. Easy and Qucik to Install 2. Modern prefab prefab house modules 3. Cost effective to ship 4. Mobile & Insulated

CYMB prefab shower and toilet modules

Quick info of shower and toilet modules: 1. Easy locate and relocate 2.Easy transport 3.Cost-effective