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3D Printer

1.Printing Wdith:325mmx600mm 2.Resolution:5760dpix1440dpi 3.3D Printer 4.Speed:64S/A4 5.Thickness:20cm

dual extruder multi-shape samples making machine 3D printer

1.dual extruder multi-shape samples making machine 3D printer 2.high quality and attractive price

dual nozzles 3D printer ,metal 3D printer--with ABS & PLA filament, desktop 3d Printer

We have developed and manufactured three-dimensional printer,which can print any 3D graphics.

Hot selling Mug 12 in one desktop 3D mug printer

mug printer 2. Power: 2800W 3.Inspiratory Time:18s

pad printing equipment for pens and cups

1.the pad printing equipment can print promotional items ,electric parts,pens,glass 2.pharmaceutic products.. 3.lowest noise

3d machine for personalized gift 3d photo face

3D sublimation vacuum machine 1.3D digital Heat Press 2.For transferring curved product 3.For mug ,plate etc