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Misppon Water-based fluorocarbon paint

Water-based fluorocarbon PAINT 1,Economic 2,Strong hiding power &Easy application 3,Performance stable and reliable

acrylic emulsion for primer paint

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Modified Epoxy Ballast Tank Anticorrosive Paint

Modified Epoxy Ballast Tank Anticorrosive Paint: 1,good oil resistance property 2,low toxicity and film firm 3,best price

Maydos Environment friendly Oil Base anti-scratch transperant wood Furniture wood deco paint(China Wood Paint)

PU wood paint has such futures as transparent,beautiful film.High hardness & abrasion resistant.Excellent leveling property.

Epoxy primer paint for steel

epoxy primer paint for steel 1.Excellent water-resistance and oil-resistance. 2.Different colors

building primer paint

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oil based body paint

china car paint manufacturer 1,15 years tradition of manufacturing car paint 2,good resistance. 3,we accept OEM

Epoxy Auto Base Paint

auto base paint, manufacturer 1, high solid 2, good adhesion, hiding power 3, good humidity resistance

VIT Epoxy paint (industrial paint/coating)

VIT Epoxy paint 1, Anti-rust, anti-corrosive 2, has a good adhesion with primer 3, excellent oil resistance performance


Acrylic, Washable Paint, Distemper, Oil Based, Luxury Synthetic Enamel, Heat Resistance, Industrial Primer, Wooden Color.