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multi-color graffiti paint coating for wheel hub

multi-color graffiti paint coating for wheel hub 1.multi-color 2.New Product 3.spray dip

indoor production protection thermosetting metal paint coating

thermosetting metal paint coating: 1.Good attachment & perfect decorative ability 2.No solvent,no polluting,Non-toxic

building primer paint

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Epoxy Auto Base Paint

auto base paint, manufacturer 1, high solid 2, good adhesion, hiding power 3, good humidity resistance

Epoxy primer paint for steel

epoxy primer paint for steel 1.Excellent water-resistance and oil-resistance. 2.Different colors

oil based body paint

china car paint manufacturer 1,15 years tradition of manufacturing car paint 2,good resistance. 3,we accept OEM

VIT Epoxy paint (industrial paint/coating)

VIT Epoxy paint 1, Anti-rust, anti-corrosive 2, has a good adhesion with primer 3, excellent oil resistance performance

Maydos PE base Wood Varnishe(Wood stain )/Furniture paint for piano

1.Premium formula without hardeners to ensure health. 2.Special yellowing resistant recipe which preserves gloss.